KHC definition

KHC means Kentucky Health Collaborative, LLC, a Kentucky limited liability company. KHC is comprised of the following members, in addition to such members’ Affiliates as contemplated by the KHC governing documents and any future KHC members: Norton Healthcare, Inc., University of Kentucky (a/k/a UK HealthCare), Baptist Healthcare System, Inc., Appalachian Regional Healthcare, Inc., Bowling Green Warren County Community Hospital Corporation d/b/a The Medical Center, Ephraim McDowell Health, LifePoint Corporate Services, General Partnership, Owensboro Health, Inc., St. Claire HealthCare, and St. Elizabeth Medical Center, Inc. This list of members is subject to change due to any future new members or withdrawing members.
KHC shall be construed to include the heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns thereof.

Examples of KHC in a sentence

  • Failure of the Contractor to adhere to the provisions of this Section will be considered an Event of Default and KHC may terminate the Contract.

  • KHC is the tax credit allocating agency for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

  • Contractor shall not use the name, logo, or any other trademarks of KHC without KHC’s prior written authorization.

  • KHC shall provide the Contractor thirty (30) calendar days written notice of termination of the Contract.

  • Contractor shall not release such information to any person, partnership, corporation, or association without the written approval of KHC.

More Definitions of KHC

KHC means Kiwi Holdco CayCo Ltd, a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands, with company number 219450;
KHC shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble hereto.
KHC means Kitty Hawk Cargo, Inc.
KHC means Kiwi Holdco CayCo Ltd, a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands, with company number 219450; ‘Legal Representatives’ means, in the case of FNZ, Falcon, CDPQ and GIM, Slaughter and May and, in the case of GBST, Linklaters LLP; ‘Merger’ means the completed acquisition byFNZ (Australia) of GBST; ‘Monitoring Trustee’ means a person appointed or retained in accordance with paragraph 6; ‘ordinary course of business’ means matters connected to the day-to- day supply of goods and services by the FNZ business or the GBST business and does not include matters involving significant changes to the organisational structure; ‘Purchaser Approval Criteria’ means the criteria set out in Annex 1; ‘Related Person’ means any Subsidiary, Affiliate orAssociated Person; ‘Relevant Market’ means the supply of Retail Platform Solutions, excluding in-house software, in the UK; ‘Retail Platform Solutions’ has the meaning given to that term in the Report; ‘Remedy’ means the divestiture of GBST as set out in Chapter 11 of the Report; ‘Report’ means the CMA’s report titled ‘Completed acquisition by FNZ of GBST’ dated 5 November 2020; ‘SLC’ means a substantial lessening of competition; 'Specified Period' means the period beginning on theCommencement Date and terminating