OSSTF definition

OSSTF or “Union” shall mean the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation.

Examples of OSSTF in a sentence

The school authorities shall cooperate fully with the review, and provide, or direct their carriers or other agents to provide, all data requested by the OSSTF.

OSSTF members shall not make or provide input regarding performance of other OSSTF members for the purposes of evaluation.

OSSTF agrees to adopt a shared services model that will allow other Trusts to join the shared services model.

The OSSTF and/or the Bargaining Unit, as the case may be, shall indemnify and hold the Board harmless from any claims, suits, attachments and any form of liability as a result of such deductions authorized by the OSSTF and/or the Bargaining Unit.

All amounts determined in this Article 4 shall be subject to a due diligence review by the OSSTF.

More Definitions of OSSTF

OSSTF means “the Ontario Secondary School TeachersFederation.”
OSSTF and "Bargaining Agent" shall have an identical meaning.