TEC definition

TEC means the Technical Evaluation Committee, constituted for the purpose of evaluating the Proposals received.
TEC means Telecom Engineering Centre.

Examples of TEC in a sentence

  • The power to decide on the criteria of similarity rests without any prejudice, solely with the Bid Evaluation Committee (TEC).

  • Illegible certificates, absence of contact details making it time consuming for verification purposes of CC issued by authorities outside the State are liable to be rejected by the Bid Evaluation Committee (TEC).

  • No off-line document will be accepted and considered during tender evaluation stage from bidders before publishing of final selection of L1 by publication of FBE sheet verification by TEC may be undertaken directly from PQ Credential issuing authority.ii.

  • If the bidder is not satisfied with the clarification of the TEC, he/she may appeal to the concerned Chief Engineer within 24 hours of receipt of communication from the TEC.

  • In case, the review only seeks the eligibility of the applicant himself, views of the Tender Evaluation Committee (TEC) would be communicated in writing to that bidder within next two (2) working days.

More Definitions of TEC

TEC means PLM Transportation Equipment Corporation, a California corporation, and a wholly-owned Subsidiary of FSI.
TEC means an assessment tool used in this specification that provides flexibility to approach the issue of energy efficiency while retaining a comparable metric to assess performance. In this specification, efficiency criteria are noted in terms of calculated total energy used over a year for a typical user (kWh/year) rather than energy (xxxxx) for On and standby modes.
TEC means Tampa Electric Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TECO Energy, incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida with regulated electric and gas utilities in Florida, collectively, Tampa Electric and PGS;
TEC means TransAmerican Energy Corporation, a Delaware corporation.
TEC means the offered quotation (expressed as a percentage rate per annum) with a maturity of the Designated Maturity, calculated by the Comité de Normalisation Obligataire, which appears on the Relevant Screen Page, as at the Specified Time.
TEC means the technical evaluation committee, selected for the purpose of evaluating the proposals received, that submits a report with recommendation for award of the contract for which this RFP is being issued.