Definition of Buyer Entities

Buyer Entities means, collectively, Buyer and all Buyer Subsidiaries.

Buyer Entities means the Partnership, MXL Leasing and MXL Operations.

Buyer Entities means (i) Buyer, (ii) its Related Persons and (iii) the Company.

Examples of Buyer Entities in a sentence

The Buyer Entities' respective obligations (and the obligations of the Surviving Corporation after the Merger) will survive the Effective Time without limitation (except for those obligations that, by their express terms, contemplate a shorter survival period).
Except as disclosed in Section 6.12 of the Buyer Disclosure Memorandum, none of the Buyer Entities: (a) is in Default under its Certificate of Incorporation or Bylaws (or other governing instruments); or (b) is in Default under any Laws, Orders or Permits applicable to its business or employees conducting its business, except for Defaults which are not reasonably likely to have, individually or in the aggregate, a Buyer Material Adverse Effect.
To the Knowledge of Buyer the conduct of the business of the Buyer Entities does not infringe any Intellectual Property of any other person.
The transfer of the Assets and Assumed Liabilities to the Buyer Entities shall not relieve Buyer of any of its obligations under this Agreement.
Except as disclosed in Section 6.9 of the Buyer Disclosure Memorandum or as disclosed or reserved against in the Buyer Financial Statements, the Buyer Entities have good and marketable title, free and clear of all Liens, to all of their respective Assets which are material to their respective business, except for any such Liens or other defects of title which are not reasonably likely to have a Buyer Material Adverse Effect.