Definition of Buyer Entities

Buyer Entities means, collectively, Buyer and all Buyer Subsidiaries.
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Buyer Entities means the Partnership, MXL Leasing and MXL Operations.

Buyer Entities means (i) Buyer, (ii) its Related Persons and (iii) the Company.
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Examples of Buyer Entities in a sentence

To the Knowledge of the Buyer Entities, neither Parent nor any of its Subsidiaries (a) has been notified in writing of any dispute with any such customer or supplier that would be material and adverse to Parent and its Subsidiaries, taken as a whole, or (b) has been notified in writing by any such customer or supplier that it intends or is threatening to terminate or otherwise materially and adversely alter the terms of its business with Parent or any of its Subsidiaries.
Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this Section 5.17, Buyer Entities may have made immaterial late filings, which are disclosed in Section 5.17 of the Buyer Disclosure Memorandum.
To Buyer's Knowledge, the conduct of the business of the Buyer Entities does not infringe any Intellectual Property of any other person.
To the Knowledge of Buyer, Buyer has not received any written threat or notice from any such entity, to terminate, cancel or otherwise materially adversely modify its relationship with the Buyer Entities.
All Buyer Entities shall promptly take all actions that are necessary and advisable to correct, mitigate, and prevent recurrence of the Data Incident.