Key Executives definition

Key Executives means Xxxxx Xxxxxxx and Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, jointly and severally.
Key Executives means those employees of the Company who, with respect to a particular Plan Year, are deemed to hold positions which may substantially influence the attainment of Performance Goals. Employees designated as Key Employees for the Annual Bonus and/or Long Term Bonus purposes, may or may not, in the discretion of the Committee be eligible to earn Incentive Compensation under the other portions of this Plan and may or may not be eligible to earn Incentive Compensation in future years under any portion of this Plan.
Key Executives means Stuxxx Xxxxxxxx xxd Jim Xxxxxxxxxx.

Examples of Key Executives in a sentence

  • Compensation changes for Key Executives as defined by Regents’ Rule 20203.

  • Screen, on an ongoing basis, the Shareholders, Directors, CEO and Key Executives for designated/proscribed entities/persons and maintain proper record of screening.

  • The Key Executives shall be responsible for the management of the Portfolio.

  • Key Executives, in the context of defining Related Parties, for the year ended 31 December 2020 means the following six people (year ended 31 December 2019: six people) – the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the four other executives (year ended 31 December 2019: four other executives) who earned the highest remuneration.

  • The variable part is linked to the reach of defined objectives with reference to Group’s performance, in order to motivate Key-managers to achieve their maximum potential.Fixed component Proposals for the salaries of Key Executives are initially evaluated by the Managing Director in cooperation with the Human Resources dept.

More Definitions of Key Executives

Key Executives means the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Technology Officer, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Chief Accounting Officer, Treasurer, SVP–IT, SVP–Business Development, SVP–Customer Operations, SVP–Media, President–West Division and President–East Division.
Key Executives means employees of Exchange Companies/ Exchange Companies of ‘B’ Category having functional responsibilities as a) Company Compliance Officer (CCO) b) Head of Operations c) Head of Audit d) Head of Finance e) Head of Human Resources and any other similar position(s).
Key Executives means the individuals identified on Schedule 1.1(c).
Key Executives means the individuals set forth in an instrument signed by Parent and the Company on or prior to the date hereof.
Key Executives means those five individuals who entered into employment agreements with the Corporation on June 16, 2002.
Key Executives means all of the Company’s officers and directors as of the date hereof.
Key Executives means the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Technical Officer, General Counsel & Secretary, Chief Accounting Officer, Treasurer, SVP – IT, SVP – Business