Key Executives definition

Key Executives means those employees of the Company who, with respect to a particular Plan Year, are deemed to hold positions which may substantially influence the attainment of Performance Goals. Employees designated as Key Employees for the Annual Bonus and/or Long Term Bonus purposes, may or may not, in the discretion of the Committee be eligible to earn Incentive Compensation under the other portion of this Plan and may or may not be eligible to earn Incentive Compensation in future years under any portion of this Plan.
Key Executives means José Antonio Martínez Sampedro and Luis Javier Martínez Sampedro.

Examples of Key Executives in a sentence

The Supplemental Retirement Plan for Textron Key Executives provides that, in the event of a change in control of Textron, participants will be fully vested.

The policy is designed to attract the highest calibre of executives and reward them for performance results leading to long-term growth in shareholder wealth.All remuneration paid to Key Management Personnel and other Key Executives is valued at the cost to the Group and expensed.The Board’s policy is to remunerate Non-Executive Directors at market rates for time, commitment and responsibilities.

Name of Key Executives (who is not a director) The annual aggregate amount of the total remuneration paid to the top 5 key executives for FY2014 is approximately S$594,000, including the share options granted to employees under the Advance SCT Employee Share Option Scheme.

It is the Group’s objective to provide maximum shareholder benefit from the retention of a high quality Board and Executive team by remunerating Directors and Key Executives fairly and appropriately with reference to relevant employment market conditions, their performance, experience and expertise.

The bank shall specify arrangements / plan for training and capacity building of BOD, Key Executives, staff of Head Office and other bank officials to be entrusted with the execution of conversion process.

More Definitions of Key Executives

Key Executives means those five individuals who entered into employment agreements with the Corporation on June 16, 2002.
Key Executives means the individuals set forth in an instrument signed by Parent and the Company on or prior to the date hereof.
Key Executives means Ariel Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell, jointly and severally.
Key Executives means employees of Exchange Companies/ Exchange Companies of ‘B’ Category having functional responsibilities as a) Company Compliance Officer (CCO) b) Head of Operations c) Head of Audit d) Head of Finance e) Head of Human Resources and any other similar position(s).
Key Executives means each of Daniel Sachs and Anders Thelin or any substitute executive appointed in accordance with Clause 13.2.
Key Executives means AT, Ming-Hokng Maa and Tan Hooi Ling, and the Permitted Entities and Permitted Transferees of each of them;
Key Executives means those individuals as previously provided in writing to Buyer from the Selling Parties.