CM definition

CM means centimeters.
CM means centimetres;

Examples of CM in a sentence

  • In lieu of auditing the CM process, and in our efforts to follow the OECD Guidance, we determined that requesting supplier information on smelters and refiners using the CMRT template, and reviewing the responses received, represents the most reasonable effort to determine the mine or country of origin.

  • CM was added every 48 h, and changes in the sphere-forming ability of GSCs were captured by phase-contrast microscopy (Zeiss, Germany).

  • Assessment of the effects of CM on GSCs (gliospheres)Morphological assessmentBriefly, 1 × 103 cells/cm2 from dissociated gliospheres at G13 were plated in ultralow attachment six-well plates (Corning, USA) contain- ing CM.

  • Based on these results, further experiments were planned from 100% GSCM for 7 days, and to replenish the growth factors in the GSCM, we used the CM in a ra- tio of 10%:90% (GSM/GSCM).

  • Every 48 h fresh CM were added along with control and the experiment was con- ducted for 7 days.

More Definitions of CM

CM means case management.
CM means centimetre.
CM. ’ shall mean cubic metre
CM means centimeter.
CM means an individual designated as a construction manager. The CM may be an architect, engineer, general contractor, or other professional consultant. It may also be an entity which is referred to as a construction management firm. The CM works as the agent of the owner of the construction project. The CM, at the discretion of the owner, may assist in the development and implementation of any or all of the predesign, design, bidding, construction, and occupancy stages of the construction project. The CM is responsible for the effective, orderly, and acceptable completion of the construction project.
CM means centimeter;