CM definition

CM means centimeters.
CM means case management.

Examples of CM in a sentence

  • Medical Physics Publishing.Washington, C.M. & Leaver, D.T. (2009).

  • Curtis, P.G., Slay, C.M., Harris, N.L., Tyukavina, A., and Hansen, M.C. (2018).

  • The CM will be required to coordinate with Spectra, OSBI, OSFM and HFM in development of logistics, construction sequencing and temporary wall/barricade plans that maintain required facilities, emergency life safety systems and egress to support scheduled events and minimize impact on event promoters, performers and guests.

  • Answer: CM is to provide a comprehensive bid including all costs associated with the build- out.

  • The element (l, k) of CM represents the consensus degree on the pair of alternatives (xl, xk).Level 2.

More Definitions of CM

CM means centimetres;
CM. ’ shall mean cubic metre
CM. ’ shall mean cubic metre
CM means centimeter.
CM means an individual designated as a construction manager. The CM may be an architect, engineer, general contractor, or other professional consultant. It may also be an entity which is referred to as a construction management firm. The CM works as the agent of the owner of the construction project. The CM, at the discretion of the owner, may assist in the development and implementation of any or all of the predesign, design, bidding, construction, and occupancy stages of the construction project. The CM is responsible for the effective, orderly, and acceptable completion of the construction project.
CM has the meaning assigned to it in the Preamble.