CSP definition

CSP means the annual cost-sharing percentage determined by the Fund Office on the basis of the CSF, which will be charged to all funds contributed to Window 2, Window 3 and the Provisional Account and all Bilateral Funding as a proportional reimbursement to Window 1, from which all System Costs are paid.
CSP means the USAC Coupa Supplier Portal, which is a method of paying USAC invoices.

Examples of CSP in a sentence

  • Service Service Definition Hosting Services The CSP assumes responsibility for the computing environment supporting the hosted applications.

  • The CSP is expected to provide sufficient case management services to meet the need of the individual even if the time exceeds the monthly cap.

  • The CDDO will notify the CSP of approval and the availability of funds for allocation by the 30th of each month.

  • CSP is providing services hereinafter described to children and adults who are not eligible for Medicaid TCM, but meet the criteria for I/DD System, may receive the payment authorized under this Section 2.

  • In addition to the foregoing Units, a CSP who actually prepares a person-centered support plan for a client may be paid from the Local Finance Plan for up to 20 Units (5 hours) per person per year, with payment to be made once a year.

More Definitions of CSP

CSP means the centralized service provider engaged by the Board to administer the OESP on the Board’s behalf;
CSP means the Cellular Service Provider with whom the Bank has an arrangement for providing the Mobile Banking Services.
CSP means a third-party provider of Cloud Services to End Users through a network of authorized cloud services resellers.
CSP means the Cellular Service Provider with whom HSBC has an arrangement for providing the facility.
CSP means the trading price of the Stapled Shares, equal to the volume-weighted average of the trading price of the Company Stapled Shares on Euronext Paris (or, in the absence of trading on Euronext Paris, on another Regulated Market or its equivalent on which the Stapled Share is traded) during the last three trading sessions preceding the trading session during which the shares are traded ex-Later Dividend.
CSP means the Cellular Service Provider with whom the Bank has an arrangement for providing the Mobile Banking Facility and the CitiAlert Facility;
CSP means the entity appointed by the ICSDs to provide asset servicing for the Class A Notes under the new safekeeping structure (NSS).