Instructed definition

Instructed means a request or order given or delivered to Agent by the President, Vice President, Secretary Treasurer, or a duly appointed investment advisor or Customer. Unless specifically required herein to be in writing, Instructions may be oral or written; provided, that any oral Instructions shall be promptly confirmed in writing. Failure to provide a written confirmation of oral Instruction shall not validate any such Instructions.
Instructed means instructed by means of drawings, correspondence or other documents issued by the Superintending Officer.

Examples of Instructed in a sentence

  • Instructed in the measures to be taken to keep the dose ALARA considering other risks that may be present.

  • The relevant LMP will be calculated for each UDP Location as the ten-minute weighted average price of two five-minute Dispatch Interval LMPs and the two five-minute optimal Instructed Imbalance Energy quantities.

  • The sum of the products of the FMM or RTD Instructed Imbalance Energy (excluding the Minimum Load Energy of Bid Cost Recovery Eligible Resources committed in RUC), except, Standard Ramping Energy, Residual Imbalance Energy, Exceptional Dispatch Energy, Derate Energy, MSS Load Following Energy, Ramping Energy Deviation and Regulating Energy, with the relevant FMM or RTD Market LMP, for each Dispatch Interval in the Settlement Interval.

  • Include: Instructed on the use of this SWMS Reporting procedures for incidents Correct use of equipment including selecting, fitting, use, care of and maintenance Correct use of all tools used Emergency plans Use of supervision where required (e.g. new starters or new equipment) Conduct a pre-start toolbox talk to ensure that all workers have been made fully aware of the scope of work to be performed NOTE: Check workers are in fit condition to work i.e. no signs of fatigue, alcohol or drugs.

  • ERCOT shall pay Participant for each successful Instructed Start at the Start Price.

  • All costs associated with Energy provided by a Condition 2 RMR Unit operating other than according to a RMR Dispatch shall be allocated like other Instructed Imbalance Energy in accordance with Section

  • For any Settlement Interval, the IFM Mileage Bid Cost shall be the product of Instructed Mileage associated with a Day Ahead Regulation capacity award, as adjusted for accuracy consistent with Section, and the relevant Mileage Bid price, divided by the number of Settlement Intervals in a Trading Hour.

  • Informed of potential safety and health hazards to which they may be exposed at their workplace.b. Instructed and trained on the measures available for the prevention, control and protection against those hazards.9.2 Every worker shall receive instruction and training regarding general safety and health common to construction sites which shall include, but not limited to the following:a.

  • The CAISO will calculate an EIM Participating Resource’s RTD Instructed Imbalance Energy in the same manner in which it calculates RTD Instructed Imbalance Energy under Sections and 11.5.5, except that the CAISO will include any Energy from an EIM Manual Dispatch of the EIM Participating Resource in the RTD that is identified by the EIM Entity Scheduling Coordinator.

  • Resources will receive payments based upon Instructed Mileage as calculated pursuant to Section The CAISO will publish on OASIS the Mileage clearing prices for each hour of the Day-Ahead Market and each fifteen (15) minute period in Real-Time for the Trading Day.

More Definitions of Instructed

Instructed means approved, directed or instructed by BHEL.
Instructed means (i) a written Customer request, which is signed by any person authorized in Customer’s corporate resolution to issue such requests, which is delivered to SEI Trust in paper form, electronic form or through facsimile transmission; or (ii) in the event of a technical breakdown of the facsimile capability or electronic transmission capability at the site of Customer or SEI Trust, SEI Trust may accept an oral request or order issued by any person who is authorized by Customer in Customer’s corporate resolution to issue such instructions, providing such persons shall identify themselves with identification codes.
Instructed means a request or order given or delivered to Agent by the Owner. Unless specifically required herein to be in writing, Instructions shall be promptly confirmed in writing. Failure to provide a written confirmation of oral Instructions shall not invalidate any such Instructions. (b) Any notices, confirmations and receipts required hereunder to be delivered by Agent to Owner, unless otherwise specifically provided, shall be delivered by Agent to the Owner. The Owner shall certify to Agent, as required, the names of the persons who, from time to time, shall have been duly appointed to act as Owner.

Related to Instructed

  • APPROVED, DIRECTED or INSTRUCTED means approved, directed or instructed by BHEL Shop Engineer / Shop- in-charge/ Concerned authorities.

  • Advise means the act of sending an Advice from Broker.

  • Confidential means confidential financial information concerning offeror’s organization and data that qualifies as a trade secret in accordance with the Uniform Trade Secrets Act NMSA 1978 57-3-A-1 to 57-3A-7. See NMAC As one example, no information that could be obtained from a source outside this request for proposals can be considered confidential information.

  • Request for Information shall have the meaning set out in FOIA or the Environmental Information Regulations as relevant (where the meaning set out for the term “request” shall apply).

  • Authorised “Directed” or “Approved” shall mean the authority, direction or approval of the Engineer.

  • Request for Information (RFI means a written request by Contractor directed to A/E or ODR for a clarification of the information provided in the Contract Documents or for direction concerning information necessary to perform the Work that may be omitted from the Contract Documents.

  • Authorized Broker means those Brokers which are authorized to deal in Government Securities.

  • Authorized Issuer Representative means the person at the time designated to act on behalf of the Issuer by resolution or written certificate furnished to the Corporation and the Trustee, containing the specimen signature of such person and signed on behalf of the Issuer by its Mayor or City Administrator. Such Certificate may designate an alternate or alternates.

  • Requested Information has the meaning set forth in Section 4.3(a).

  • Instructing Party shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 6.3(a).

  • Requester means a member of the public.

  • Information Provider means the person or organisation providing the Information under this licence.

  • Keeping information confidential means using discretion in disclosing information as well as guarding against unlawful or inappropriate access by others. This includes:

  • Authorized inspector means inspectors employed by the authorities responsible for boarding and inspection included in the Commission register and authorized to conduct boarding and inspection activities pursuant to these procedures;

  • Applicable Authorized Representative means, with respect to any Shared Collateral, (i) until the earlier of (x) the Discharge of Credit Agreement Obligations and (y) the Non-Controlling Authorized Representative Enforcement Date, the Administrative Agent and (ii) from and after the earlier of (x) the Discharge of Credit Agreement Obligations and (y) the Non-Controlling Authorized Representative Enforcement Date, the Major Non-Controlling Authorized Representative.

  • Authority Personal Data means any Personal Data supplied for the purposes of or in connection with this Framework Agreement by the Authority to the Supplier;

  • authorised person means any person who is designated in writing by the Issuer from time to time to give Instructions to the Agents under the terms of this Agreement;

  • Borrower Information has the meaning given that term in Section 2.5.(c).

  • Authorised Representative means any natural or legal person established within the Union who has received a written mandate from a manufacturer to act on his behalf in relation to specified tasks;

  • authorised agent means a passenger sales agent who has been appointed by us to represent us in the sale of air transportation on our services.

  • Authorised Representatives the persons respectively designated as such by the Authority and the Supplier, the first such persons being set out in Schedule 4. Bribery Act: the Bribery Act 2010 and any subordinate legislation made under that Act from time to time together with any guidance or codes of practice issued by the relevant government department concerning the legislation. Change: any change to this agreement including to any of the Services. Change Control Note: the written record of a Change agreed or to be agreed by the parties pursuant to the Change Control Procedure.

  • Authorised Persons means collectively all Event management, Venue management, Police, public bodies and agencies responsible for safety and security in connection with the Event or the Venue, and their respective staff, officials, representatives, officers and volunteers;

  • Consult or "Consultation" means to provide:

  • Approved Broker means Clarkson plc, Barry Rogliano Salles, Fearnleys, Rocca & Partners, Brax Shipbrokers AS (or any Affiliate of such person through which valuations are commonly issued) or such other shipbroker or ship valuer experienced in valuing cruise ships nominated by the Borrower and approved by the Agent.

  • Informant means an individual(s), who voluntarily submits to the Board a Voluntary Information Disclosure Form relating to an alleged violation of insider trading laws that has occurred, is occurring or has a reasonable belief that it is about to occur, in a manner provided under these regulations, regardless of whether such individual(s) satisfies the requirements, procedures and conditions to qualify for a reward;

  • Authorised Driver means any driver approved by Apollo and whose name is noted in Rental Vehicle Agreement Part A as an authorised driver;