Directed definition

Directed means directed by the Engineer/Architect at; his absolute discretion. “Selected” shall mean selected by the Engineer/Architect at his absolute discretion. “M3” shall mean cubic metre
Directed or “Directed to” means with respect to a Research Target, a ROFN Target or an Included Target and any product, that such product inhibits the Research Target, ROFN Target or Included Target, as applicable, as its intended mechanism of action and, solely with respect to Research Targets, with at least the selectivity profile set forth on Schedule 1.50 for such Research Target. With respect to the Dual Research Target, the phrase “Directed to” means that the applicable product inhibits each of [***] and [***], in each case, as its intended mechanism of action with at least the selectivity profile set forth on Schedule 1.50.

Examples of Directed in a sentence

  • Reconfiguration of Care ManagementIn order to transform Adult Social Care in line with Putting People First and fully implement Self Directed Support and respond to an agenda that incorporates prevention, inclusion and personalisation, the current way in which services are delivered in adult social care has been reviewed.

  • Directed all PDs/COPs are to ensure their presence and to personally supervise the conduct of Law and Order (LAO) operations in the areas affected.

  • DEPED CALABARZONa. Attended PDRA of R/P/M/C/C/DRRMC, DepEd Co.b. Activated RADAR for Raid Damage Assessment.c. Directed local DRRM Coordinators of DepEd for possible use of school as EC's.d. Established communication mechanism for addressing needs.

  • RafMekJnkPlcgP38PIP2PKCPIP3PKAErk Akt Figure 2: Directed acylic graph from cell-signaling data, from Sachs et al.

  • For a discussion of Army laser development programs, see CRS Report R45098, U.S. Army Weapons-Related Directed Energy (DE) Programs: Background and Potential Issues for Congress, by Andrew Feickert.

More Definitions of Directed

Directed order means an order where a specific execution venue was specified by the client prior to the execution of the order.
Directed means that a Collaboration Compound is intended to inhibit or modulate the activity of a Non-MAP Collaboration Target or Discovery Target, and actually inhibits or modulates the activity of such Non-MAP Collaboration Target or Discovery Target.
Directed. directed to,” “directed toward” means, with respect to any specific Product, that the Product derives its, therapeutic, prophylactic or palliative benefit from [***].
Directed means, with respect to the Target, that an Antibody, SLT-A Fusion Protein or other targeting moiety is selected, generated or optimized to preferentially bind to the Target.
Directed means a nurse-midwife shall always function within a health care system in a team relationship with a physician and shall never be independent of physician back-up for consultation and collaborative management, or referral.
Directed means "directed by Owner’s representative”. This shall not imply that Architect's or Engineer's responsibility extends into the Contractor's area of construction supervision.