Directed definition

Directed means under a direction of the Director of Technical Education 3 or the chief executive officer of an approved college 4;
Directed means directed by the Engineer/Architect at; his absolute discretion. “Selected” shall mean selected by the Engineer/Architect at his absolute discretion. “M3” shall mean cubic metre
Directed order means an order where a specific execution venue was specified by the client prior to the execution of the order.

Examples of Directed in a sentence

  • Students must work with their Ferris advisor to declare a Minor or Concentration and for selection of Directed Electives.

  • A) A Directed Growth Plan is for those Educators with PTS whose overall rating is needs improvement.

  • Overview Educators with PTS who receive an overall rating of needs improvement from the primary evaluator, shall be on Directed Growth Plans.

  • The primary evaluator may designate a supervising evaluator to oversee the development and implementation of a Directed Growth Plan.

  • The Primary Evaluator must approve the Directed Growth Plan and both the primary and supervising evaluators must sign it and deliver it to the educator at least fifteen (15) school days before the start date of the plan.

More Definitions of Directed

Directed or “Directed to” means with respect to a Research Target, a ROFN Target or an Included Target and any product, that such product inhibits the Research Target, ROFN Target or Included Target, as applicable, as its intended mechanism of action and, solely with respect to Research Targets, with at least the selectivity profile set forth on Schedule 1.50 for such Research Target. With respect to the Dual Research Target, the phrase “Directed to” means that the applicable product inhibits each of [***] and [***], in each case, as its intended mechanism of action with at least the selectivity profile set forth on Schedule 1.50.
Directed or “INSTRUCTED” shall mean approved, directed or instructed by BHEL.
Directed. directed to,” “directed toward” means, with respect to any specific Product, that the Product derives its, therapeutic, prophylactic or palliative benefit from [***].
Directed means [***].
Directed means that a Collaboration Compound is intended to inhibit or modulate the activity of a Non-MAP Collaboration Target or Discovery Target, and actually inhibits or modulates the activity of such Non-MAP Collaboration Target or Discovery Target.
Directed means, with respect to a Compound (including a Licensed Compound) or Licensed Product or Terminated Product, synthesized and used for the purposes of inhibiting or modulating the activity of the applicable Target in any context.
Directed. A command or instruction by Architect. Other terms including "requested," "authorized," "selected," "required," and "permitted" have the same meaning as "directed."