Inn definition

Inn means International Non-proprietary Name.J
Inn means the Site together with the Buildings and all other improvements constructed or to be constructed on the Site pursuant to this Agreement, all FF&E and Fixed Asset Supplies installed or located on the Site or in the Buildings, and all easements or other appurtenant rights thereto.
Inn means a visitor accommodation facility comprising up to 12 accommodation rooms, an accessory dwelling for the owner or operator, and a restaurant, all contained in a single building.

Examples of Inn in a sentence

  • No.: 0381-2317519  Agra House No. 17/2/4, 2nd Floor, Deepak Wasan Plaza, Behind Hotel Holiday INN, Sanjay Place, Agra, Uttar Pradesh - 282 002.

  • Describe what led to the development of the idea for your INN project and the reasons that you have prioritized this project over alternative challenges identified in your county.

  • The INN or generic name prominently displayed and above the brand name, where a brand name has been given.

  • MHSA GENERAL STANDARDSUsing specific examples, briefly describe how your INN Project reflects, and is consistent with, all potentially applicable MHSA General Standards listed below as set forth in Title 9 California Code of Regulations, Section 3320 (Please refer to the MHSOAC Innovation Review Tool for definitions of and references for each of the General Standards.) If one or more general standards could not be applied to your INN Project, please explain why.

  • I-NN RIGHT TO KNOW ACT (Act 80 of 1986) The "Right to Know Act" is intended to provide protection and information to employees who encounter hazardous substances in the workplace.

More Definitions of Inn

Inn means one of the four Inns of Court, namely, the Honourable Societies of Lincoln’s Inn, Inner Temple, Middle Temple and Gray’s Inn.
Inn means International Non-proprietary name.
Inn means the international non-proprietary name assigned by the World Health Organization.
Inn means a building or group of buildings that may contain sleeping accommodation, a small kitchen area with limited cooking facilities such as a microwave oven, bathrooms, meeting rooms, dining room and kitchen facilities, recreational facilities, and a residential dwelling unit for staff.
Inn means a place to stay, including, but not limited to the following lodging accommodations: motels, hotels, lodges, inns, bed and breakfasts, RV Parks, cabins, or vacation rental properties.
Inn means a building or group of buildings that may contain sleeping accommodation, with or without limited kitchen facilities and bathrooms, and spaces for social gatherings, meetings, dining, kitchen facilities, recreation facilities, spa facilities, administration and supporting services and staff housing.
Inn or “International Nonproprietary Name” 6 Section 1.33 “Initial Indication” 6