Bed and breakfast definition

Bed and breakfast means property classified as residential real property under section 34c that meets all of the following criteria:
Bed and breakfast means a private residence that offers sleeping accommodations to transient tenants in 14 or fewer rooms for rent, is the innkeeper's residence in which the innkeeper resides while renting the rooms to transient tenants, and serves breakfasts, or other meals in the case of a bed and breakfast described in section 1107(t)(ii), at no extra cost to its transient tenants. A bed and breakfast is not a food service establishment if exempt under section 1107(t)(ii) or (iii).

Examples of Bed and breakfast in a sentence

  • Bed and breakfast inn means a historic structure originally built as a single-family residence which is owner occupied and operated to provide guest rooms with breakfast and/or dinner included as part of the room rate.Hostel means a building occupied or intended to be occupied by transient residents, where ingress or egress may or may not be through a common lobby of office that is supervised by a person in charge at all times.

More Definitions of Bed and breakfast

Bed and breakfast means an overnight lodging establishment that provides at least one meal per day at no charge other than a charge for overnight lodging and does not sell alcohol beverages by the drink.
Bed and breakfast means a Homeshare with no more than five (5) bedrooms, a permit issued by the San Luis Obispo County Health Department for food service, and which may be used for special events only when special events are authorized by a conditional use permit issue in compliance with this Code.
Bed and breakfast means a dwelling, used by a resident of the dwelling, to provide accommodation for persons away from their normal place of residence on a short-term commercial basis and includes the provision of breakfast;
Bed and breakfast means an overnight lodging establishment, whether owned by a natural person or any legal entity, that is a residential dwelling unit or an appurtenance thereto, in which the innkeeper resides, or that is a building designed but not necessarily occupied as a single family residence that is next to, or directly across the street from, the innkeeper's residence, and in either circumstance, in which:
Bed and breakfast means a type of food service establishment that is a transient lodging facility, which is the owner’s or innkeeper’s personal residence, is occupied by the owner or innkeeper at the time of rental to an in-house guest, and in which breakfast is the only meal served.
Bed and breakfast means an overnight lodging