Expressway definition

Expressway means a state trunk highway that, as deter- mined by the department, has 4 or more lanes of traffic physically separated by a median or barrier and that gives preference to through traffic by utilizing interchanges or limiting at−grade access to selected public roads and public driveways.

Examples of Expressway in a sentence

  • The results of the study are used for construction of freight terminals in ADB financed Korle-Kuqa Expressway Project, which is under construction currently.

  • The growth of traffic volume of these toll-free projects also drove the traffic growth of the connecting Jihe Expressway and Shuiguan Expressway.

  • Benefited from the positive implications of factors such as the economic growth in the areas along the expressways, changes of road networks and the implementation of traffic management measures, both the average daily traffic volume and toll revenue of Jiangzhong Project and GZ W2 Expressway witnessed satisfactory YOY growths from January to September 2017.

  • From January to September 2017, the average daily traffic volume and average daily toll revenue of Yangmao Expressway recorded slight YOY increase, but the growth pace has slowdown.

  • Jan ~ Sep2017Jan ~Sep2016Change(%) Primary reasons for the changeTax and surcharges23,12346,101-49.84Implementation of “Replacing business tax with value-addedtax” since 1 May 2016.Gain or loss from changes in fair value -104,365 -2,197 4,651.02 Recognition of loss from changes in fair value of foreign exchange swap transaction instrument.Non-operating income 27,968 2,852 880.79Recognition of compensation for government expropriation of land-use right for Shenzhen Airport-Heao Expressway - EasternSection.

More Definitions of Expressway

Expressway means a state highway that has been designated by the commission as an expressway.
Expressway means any road serving major intrastate and interstate travel, including federal interstate routes.
Expressway means a divided arterial highway for through traffic with full or partial control of access with an excess of fifty percent of all crossroads separated in grade. [Chapter 4511.01 (ZZ), O.R.C.]
Expressway means>>the following, whether now existing or as may be later constructed or designated:<< limited access rights-of-way and facilities and related approaches, viaducts, bridges>>,<< [[and]] interchange facilities>>,<< and service roads>>;<< and any portion of the interstate highway system[[, now existing or as may be later constructed or designated]].
Expressway means a divided highway for through traffic with full or partial control of access and generally with grade separations at intersections. It contains two lanes or more for traffic going in opposing directions and divided by a median strip and designed so as to protect the opposing flows of traffic and thus increase the safety and practical capacity of the road for regional and inter-regional traffic.
Expressway means a heavily trafficked, high speed and limited access road, which has a dual carriageway with grade separated junctions, and considered the highest grade of road and that may qualify for development using private sector financing;