Ferry definition

Ferry means any vessel which ar- rives in the U.S. on a regular schedule during its operating season at intervals of at least once each business day.
Ferry means a harbor craft having provisions only for deck passengers or vehicles, operating on a short run, on a frequent schedule between two points over the most direct water route, and offering a public service of a type normally attributed to a bridge or tunnel.
Ferry means any vessel plying from one side of a waterway to the other for the purpose of the carriage of goods or passengers;

Examples of Ferry in a sentence

  • Ordinance 2020-006: Authorizing participation in the Hunterdon County Cooperative - Electric Motion to open the public hearing for Ordinance 2020-006: Strange / ZappaRoll call vote: Columbus, absent ; Ferry, yes ; Hughes, yes ; Moore, yes ; Strange, yes ; Zappa, yes ; Motion passes: 5 yes, 1 absentCouncil spoke about exploring the possibility of putting this Ordinance in place.

  • This work has identified two potential roadway extensions – Cornelius Pass Road from Rosedale to Farmington, and an extension of Tile Flat Road from Scholls Ferry to Bull Mountain and Beef Bend.

  • The depositional history, lithologies, and thickness of the Chalk Hills and Glenns Ferry claystones (which provide confinement) are consistent with a confining zone that is laterally continuous, thick, and impermeable.Specifically, two confining zones separate the injection formation from underground sources of drinking water (USDWs).

  • Protective Committee for Independent Stockholders of TMT Trailer Ferry, Inc.

  • An emergency radio with extra batteries is located in the NURSERY CLOSET.2. If a severe weather watch is issued staff will gather children at the shelter-in place located at: Orchard Elementary | 6400 Howells Ferry Road | Mobile, AL 366183.

More Definitions of Ferry

Ferry means a vessel, including a hovercraft, used or intended to be used to carry passengers for hire or reward and includes any such vessel so used or intended to be used by or on behalf of the Crown, or an agency of the Crown;
Ferry means a vessel providing passenger transportation services solely within the province of Ontario, transporting passengers only or passengers and motor vehicles, that may be used by the general public and that weighs 1,000 gross tonnes or more. (“traversier”) O. Reg. 191/11, s. 77 (5).
Ferry means any vessel plying within a port, or the approaches thereto, for the purpose of the carriage of passengers or goods;
Ferry means a vessel with facilities that enable vehicles to be driven on board the vessel and to be driven off it;
Ferry means a vessel that is used on a regular schedule
Ferry means any vessel plying from one side of a water- way to the other or between places on the same or different islands or territories for the purpose of the carriage of goods or passengers;
Ferry means each of the ocean going vessels owned or operated by any member of the Group.