Landing definition

Landing means the level portion of a stairs located between flights of stairs or located at the top and foot of a stairs.
Landing means the initial unloading of any quantity of fisheries products from on board a fishing vessel to land;
Landing means the date the Applicant arrives in PEI with the Work Permit;

Examples of Landing in a sentence

  • SC–5 included on map with unit SC–4.(28) Unit MN–1; Monterey County,California.(i) From USGS 1:24,000 scale quadrangle Moss Landing.

  • Air Transport Association (ATA) of America Code 32: Landing gear.

  • Instrument Landing System will remain the general Precision Approach aid for at least five and probably 10 years.

  • The information may be used to support an application for exemption from the Landing Obligation (LO) under the high survival provision.

  • Landing Deductions - Instability landing deduction will be taken on the last skill performed.

More Definitions of Landing

Landing means the location where logs are deposited by yarding or skidding equipment, including helicopters;
Landing has the same meaning as in the IOTC context;
Landing means a required platform at the end of a flight of stairs and any platform in a flight of stairs between two stories.
Landing means unloading of any quantity of fishery products from a fishing vessel on land;
Landing means the date the Applicant arrives in PEI;
Landing means an uncovered platform extending horizontally from a building, abutting an entry door and providing direct access to grade or stairs.
Landing means all harvested marine specie(s), in numbers or amounts, brought to shore and retained at the end of a trip.