Airside definition

Airside means, generally, those areas of an Airport which requires a person to pass through a security checkpoint to access. References to "sterile areas" generally mean Airside areas within terminal buildings. References to "Airfield", "Aircraft Operations Area", "AOA", or "Secured areas" generally mean outdoor Airside areas or areas not accessible to passengers.
Airside means the movement area of an airport, adjacent terrain and buildings or portions thereof, access to which is restricted;
Airside. ’ shall mean that part of an aerodrome or airport provided for the take off and landing of aircraft and for the movement of aircraft on the surface aircraft parking aprons including the associated service roads and ground equipment areas and/or those parts of passenger terminals which come within the Customs examination area

Examples of Airside in a sentence

  • For flaggers/escorts contracted through the Airport Authority, the Contractor shall be responsible for the cost of each required flagger/escort at the hourly rate identified on the Wayne County Airport Authority Flagging/Escorting Service Request Authorization Form (See WCAA Airside Operations).

  • Delaney to Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and Focus Groups; Community Leaders, Non- Airside Tenants, and Neighbors, dated February 4, 2008 as received from the Mayor’s Office (date stamped February 6, 2008) MAYOR’S REPORT – Robert M.

  • Those performing the escorts will be trained by WCAA Airside Operations.

More Definitions of Airside

Airside means the area of the Airport in which flying operations and movement of aircraft take place. This area is an Airport Security Area;
Airside means the Movement Area of an Airport, adjacent terrain and buildings or portions thereof being the areas marked as such on the plan at Attachment D of the Airside Vehicle Control Handbook.
Airside means the side of an airport terminal from which aircraft can be observed, the area beyond immigration and customs control;
Airside means the area of the Aerodrome enclosed by a security barrier, to which aircraft have access, and to which the general public does not have access.
Airside or “Airside Areas” means the movement area of the Airport, adjacent terrain and buildings or portions thereof, as delineated or determined from time to time by DAA Cork Airport and to which access is controlled by DAA Cork Airport.