Cemetery definition

Cemetery means an area of land that is 1000m² or more in extent, used for burying the dead;
Cemetery or "cemetery property" means any one, or a
Cemetery means any area that is or was open to use by the public in general or any segment thereof and is used or is intended to be used to inter or scatter remains. “Cemetery” does not include the following:

Examples of Cemetery in a sentence

  • An Interment Rights Holder or Scattering Rights Holder, their heir or representative, or a Funeral Director may make required interment arrangements with the Hamilton Municipal Cemetery Administrative Office via telephone (but not Voice Mail); or fax during regular business hours provided that adequate notice is given under section 6.4.

  • A pleasing feature of this project is that they installed a 1.2m high permanent fence at the top of the embankment in the vicinity of Cemetery Creek 2.Meanwhile, on the south side of the cemetery a large amount of soil was brought in and dumped across the boundary into the reserve above Cemetery Creek 0 (near Wellington Road).

  • The General Cemetery Account shall be used exclusively for the general operations of the Cemetery.

  • Cemetery staff authorized by the Director and Officers have authority to direct any person who does not comply with this By-law to leave a cemetery.

  • All Cemetery funds shall be the property of the City, maintained in segregated funds for the benefit of the Cemetery as described below.

More Definitions of Cemetery

Cemetery or "cemetery property" means any one, or a combination of more than one, of the following in a place that is used, or intended to be used, and dedicated for cemetery purposes:
Cemetery means 1 or a combination of more than 1 of the following:
Cemetery means a place dedicated to and used or intended to be used for the permanent interment of human remains. It may be either a burial park, for earth interment; a mausoleum; for vault or crypt interments; a structure or place used or intended to be used for the interment of cremated remains; or any combination of one or more thereof.
Cemetery means 1, or a combination of more than 1, of the following:
Cemetery means any area of land where human bodies are interred.
Cemetery means land used for or intended to be used for the burial of human dead and dedicated for cemetery purposes, including columbariums, crematories, mausoleums and mortuaries if operated in connection with, and within the boundaries of, such cemeteries.
Cemetery means any burial ground other than a churchyard.