Initials definition

Initials means the first letters of a person's name or other unique personal identifier.
Initials. Initials:__________" Subtenant Tenant
Initials. Initials: _________" Subtenant Tenant

Examples of Initials in a sentence

  • Initials here_____ Furthermore, I agree to monitor my childs health and keep them home adhering to the day camp protocols (those paragraphs are in bold).

  • As Authorizing Agent, I have read and understand the description of the cremation process contained in # 7 above and authorize the (Initials) cremation, processing and pulverization of the remains of the Decedent.

  • I have made all reasonable (Initials) efforts to contact such person(s), but have been unable to do so.

  • This potential charge will only be known at the time of install and subscriber can then accept or decline ANTS service (Initials) **Power Supply must be grounded.

  • That person(s) has provided (Initials) me written permission to serve as Authorizing Agent.OR There is another living person(s) listed below who has a superior or equal right to act as Authorizing Agent.

More Definitions of Initials

Initials. 2.5 Lessee as Prior Owner/Occupant. The warranties made by Lessor in this Paragraph 2 shall be of no force or effect if immediately prior to the date set forth in Paragraph 1.1 Lessee was the owner or occupant of the Premises. In such event, Lessee shall, at Lessee's sole cost and expense, correct any non- compliance of the Premises with said warranties.
Initials. SELLER ________ BUYER _______
Initials. 18 restraining order or injunctive relief pursuant to Section 15. Any arbitration hereunder shall be conducted before a single arbitrator unless the parties mutually agree to a panel of three arbitrators. The site for any arbitration hereunder shall be in Montxxxxxx Xxxnty or Harrxx Xxxnty, Texas, unless otherwise mutually agreed by the parties.
Initials. (Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx on behalf of the Company) ________ (Xxxxxx X. XxXxxx on behalf of himself and Sellers)
Initials. [ /s/ ] [ /s/ ] Landlord Tenant
Initials. [Illegible] ______________ Initials: ______________
Initials. 3 (i) Upon thirty (30) days notice if the Employee becomes physically or mentally incapacitated or is injured so that he is unable to perform the services required of him hereunder and such inability to perform continues for a period in excess of ninety (90) days and is continuing at the time of such notice; or