Definition of Page

Page means Reuters Screen LIBOR01, formerly known as Page 3750 of the Moneyline Telerate Service (together with any successor or substitute, the "Service") or any successor or substitute page of the Service providing rate quotations comparable to those currently provided on such page of the Service, as determined by the Bank from time to time for purposes of providing quotations of interest rates applicable to dollar deposits in the London interbank market.

Examples of Page in a sentence

Reuters Screen US PRIME 1 Page means the display on the Reuter Monitor Money Rates Service (or any successor service) on the US PRIME 1 page (or any other page as may replace that page on that service) for the purpose of displaying prime rates or base lending rates of major United States banks.
If the rate for U.S. dollar deposits having a three-month maturity that initially appears on Telerate Page 3750 as of 11:00 a.m. (London time) on the related Determination Date is superseded on the Telerate Page 3750 by a corrected rate by 12:00 noon (London time) on such Determination Date, then the corrected rate as so substituted on the applicable page will be the applicable 3-Month LIBOR for such Determination Date.
The undersigned by signing this Signature Page hereby irrevocably joins and agrees to be bound by the Agreement in accordance with its terms, and the execution of this Signature Page by the undersigned shall constitute the execution of the Agreement by the undersigned as a party to the Agreement.
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If there are two Covered Persons on the Endorsement Data Page, the Age of the younger Covered Person or the lone surviving Covered Person as of their last birthday.