Prosecution definition

Prosecution means in relation to any Patents, (a) to prepare and file patent applications, including re-examinations or re-issues thereof, and represent applicants or assignees before relevant patent offices or other relevant Governmental Authorities during examination, re-examination and re-issue thereof, in appeal processes and interferences, or any equivalent proceedings [***], (b) to defend all such applications against Third Party oppositions or other challenges, (c) to secure the grant of any patents arising from such patent application, (d) to maintain in force any issued patent (including through payment of any relevant maintenance fees), (e) to obtain and maintain patent term extensions or supplemental protection certificates or their equivalents, and (f) to make all decisions with regard to any of the foregoing activities.
Prosecution has the meaning set forth in Section 9.2(a).
Prosecution means the filing, preparation, prosecution (including any interferences, reissue proceedings, reexaminations, and oppositions), extension, term adjustment, and maintenance of Licensed Patents. When used as a verb, “Prosecute” means to engage in Prosecution.

Examples of Prosecution in a sentence

  • In the event that Xxxxx desires to abandon or cease Prosecution of any Licensed Patent (subject to Section 9.9 (Patents Licensed From Upstream Licensors)) or Joint Patent in the Territory, Xxxxx shall provide at least [***] notice before any relevant deadline written notice to Everest of such intention to abandon.

  • The assumption of Prosecution by Everest shall not change the ownership of such Joint Patents.

  • Subject to this Section 9.2 (Prosecution and Maintenance), Xxxxx shall be responsible and shall have the first right, to control the preparation, filing, prosecution (including any interferences, reissue proceedings and reexaminations) and maintenance (“Prosecution”) of the Licensed Patents and the Joint Patents in the Territory at its discretion.

  • Everest shall promptly notify Xxxxx if it generates any Foreground IP with a written disclosure of the Invention, and will reasonably assist Xxxxx with Prosecution activities relating to any Xxxxx Foreground IP or Joint IP.

  • In such case, Everest shall, upon written election within [***] after such notice from Xxxxx, have a step-in right to assume, at its discretion and at its sole expense, responsibility for Prosecution of such Licensed Patent or such Joint Patent in the Territory.

More Definitions of Prosecution

Prosecution has a corresponding meaning.
Prosecution or “Prosecute” means, with respect to a particular Patent Right, all activities associated with the preparation, filing, defense, prosecution and maintenance of such Patent Right, as well as supplemental examinations, re-examinations, reissues, applications for patent term adjustments and extensions, supplementary protection certificates and the like with respect to such Patent Right, together with the conduct of interferences, derivation proceedings, inter partes review, post-grant review, the defense of oppositions and other similar proceedings with respect to such Patent Right.
Prosecution means, with respect to a Patent, preparing, filing, prosecuting and maintaining such Patent, including any interference and opposition proceedings, reissue, post-grant reviews, inter partes review, re-examination and applications for patent term extensions, and all appeals or petitions to any agency, board or court related to any of the foregoing. When used as a verb, “Prosecute” means to engage in Prosecution.
Prosecution means the preparation, drafting, filing, prosecution (including any interferences, reissue proceedings, reexaminations, inter partes reviews, post-grant reviews, oppositions and Patent office appeals) and maintenance of Patents in the Territory. When used as a verb, “Prosecute” means to engage in Prosecution.
Prosecution means the preparation, filing, prosecution, issuance and maintenance (including interference, opposition and similar Third Party proceedings before the relevant patent office) of any patent applications and patents.
Prosecution. “Prosecute,” “Prosecuted” or “Prosecuting” shall mean preparation, filing, prosecution, issuance and maintenance of the Licensed Patents, including continuations, divisionals, extensions, re-examinations, reissues, supplemental examination, appeals, interferences, derivation proceedings, oppositions, all other proceedings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (including the Patent Trial and Appeal Board) and foreign patent offices, and any judicial or other appeals of the foregoing. Exclusive License Agreement Wistar Reference No. LIC15-35 Wistar/OncoCyte
Prosecution or “Prosecute” means the filing, preparation, prosecution and maintenance of Patents, including any and all pre-grant proceedings before any patent authority, such as interferences.