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Evidentiary Hearing means a hearing at which one or more Participants submits evidence for the record. A Testimonial Hearing is an Evidentiary Hearing, but an Evidentiary Hearing does not necessarily include the presentation of testimony by witnesses in person.
Evidentiary Hearing as used in sub. (1) (b), means a formal examination of accu- sations by receiving testimony or other forms of evidence that may be relevant to the dismissal, demotion, licensing, or discipline of any public employee or person cov- ered by that section. A council that considered a mayor’s accusations against an employee in closed session without giving the employee prior notice violated the requirement of actual notice to the employee. Campana v. City of Greenfield, 38 F. Supp. 2d 1043 (1999).
Evidentiary Hearing means a proceeding of relative formality, though much less formal than a trial, in which witnesses may be heard and evidence is presented and considered. Specific issues of fact and of law are tried. Afterwards, ultimate conclusions of fact and of law are set forth in a written decision or order.

Examples of Evidentiary Hearing in a sentence

  • LIEN RELEASE REQUESTS 2:07:17 Case #2008070258 – Modabi Homes of Florida City LLC Mr. DeBlois recalled the Evidentiary hearing on this case dated back to September 22, 2008 for overgrown weeds, and on November 24, 2008 the Board had entered an Order Imposing Fine.

  • Litigation InformationDate Petition(s) Filed: July 10, 2015 Date Green Card(s) Signed: July 21, 2015 Date Answer(s) Filed: August 7, 2015SOAH Referral Date: September 8, 2015Hearing Date(s):Preliminary hearing: October 8, 2015Scheduled Evidentiary hearing: April 6, 2016 (continued to May 6, 2016)Settlement Date: April 15, 2016 Contact InformationTCEQ Attorneys: Meaghan M.

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Evidentiary Hearing means an adjudicatory proceeding before a panel of a grievance committee.
Evidentiary Hearing means a hearing conducted where new evidence may be presented.
Evidentiary Hearing as used in s. 19.85 (1) (b), means a formal examination of accusations by receiving testimony or other
Evidentiary Hearing means a hearing to gather competent, material, and substantial evidence in order to make findings for a quasi-judicial decision required by a development regulation adopted under this Chapter.
Evidentiary Hearing means a hearing to gather competent, material, and
Evidentiary Hearing means a formal proceeding that provides opportunity for interested persons to submit factual proofs in formal proceedings as provided in § 2.2-4009 of the Administrative Process Act in connection with the making of
Evidentiary Hearing means a hearing for the receipt of evidence on issues on which a decision of the presiding officer may be made in a contested case.