Group Employee definition

Group Employee means any employee of a Group Company who is not an Employee.
Group Employee means any person who was employed by the Group for at least three months prior to and on the Termination Date, and

Examples of Group Employee in a sentence

  • The Company’s dilutive potential ordinary shares are in respect of share options granted to employees, which will be settled by ordinary shares held by the Foxtons Group Employee Benefit Trust.

  • Overview of transactions This incentive plan is applied to all employees participating in Kiyo Financial Group Employee Stock Ownership Association (the “Association”).

  • Disability benefits for existing claimants are provided via the Murray & Roberts Group Employee Benefits Policy.

  • The plan is administered by the trustees of the STM Group Employee Benefit Trust.

  • Costs directly attributable to the issue of the shares are recognised as a deduction from share premium.Treasury shares are those shares purchased by the STM Group Employee Benefit Trust (“EBT”) for distribution to executives under the Long Term Incentive Plan arrangements, which have yet to be allotted to specific employees.

More Definitions of Group Employee

Group Employee is defined in Section 4.04.
Group Employee. : means any confirmed employee of the Group (including any Group
Group Employee means any individual employed or engaged with any of the Group Companies, including all officers.
Group Employee. : means any confirmed employee of the Group (including
Group Employee means an employee or an executive director of any Group Company;Index