Ground Services definition

Ground Services means services provided by us or a third party on our behalf on the ground, including, amongst other things: chauffeur driven car service, check-in service and clubhouses.
Ground Services means both Ground Handling Services and Cargo Services. 5
Ground Services shall have the meaning given such term in Section 8.10(a).

Examples of Ground Services in a sentence

  • Russian Logistics services (both in the U.S. and in Russia), including a) Ground Services (e.g. airport pickup/drop-off, transportation between hotels and meeting locations); b) Meeting Services (e.g. coordination of schedules, agendas, and protocols); c) Hotel Reservations at the Renaissance Hotel - Olympic Penta in Russia; and d) Visa Coordination.The Contracting Officer shall be promptly notified by the contractor upon identification of a need for RLLS.

  • As some of our Ground Services are provided by third parties we cannot guarantee that they will always meet the exact description given and you should not rely on or take into account any information provided about these when making or amending your booking with us.

  • We will try to provide the advertised Ground Services but they may not be available for operational reasons.

  • Saudi Ground Services Company (“the Company”) was registered as a limited liability company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under Commercial Registration number 4030181005 dated 11 Rajab 1429H, (corresponding to 14 July 2008).

  • The legal name “Saudi Airlines Ground Services Company” was changed to “Saudi Ground Services Company” under the same commercial registration number 4030181005 on 20 Safar 1432H, (corresponding to 24 January 2011).

  • The maximum annual aggregate amount of the services fee payable by the Company to GSC under the Passenger and Cargo Sales and Ground Services Framework Agreement for each of the three years ending 31 December 2019 shall not exceed RMB270 million, RMB330 million and RMB400 million, respectively.

  • MANAGEMENT SERVICES GROUP The Management Services Group consists of four direct or indirect subsidiaries of AMR -- AMR Global Services Corporation, Americas Ground Services, Inc.

  • In light of the above, the Directors (including the independent non-executive Directors) are of the view that the terms of the Business Jet Ground Services Joint Operation Agreement are normal commercial terms and are fair and reasonable and the transactions under the Business Jet Ground Services Joint Operation Agreement are in the interest of the Shareholders of the Company as a whole.

  • For purchases up to the simplified acquisition threshold as authorized by the SEA Card and Aircraft Ground Services procedures in Section 213.306 of the DFARS.

  • Local Coverage Determination for Ambulance (Ground) Services (L35162).

More Definitions of Ground Services

Ground Services means Access Control --------------- Services and Transmission Services, all as defined and provided below.
Ground Services at Section 2.03.

Related to Ground Services

  • Cloud Services means SAP’s then-current cloud services offered under and described in detail in the applicable SAP PartnerEdge Model.

  • Broadband Services means Verizon's Fios or DSL-based Internet services (whichever applies). Verizon's DSL-based Internet service is also known as "High Speed Internet" ("HSI").

  • Hospice services means palliative and supportive care and other services provided by an interdisciplinary team under the direction of an identifiable hospice administration to terminally ill hospice patients and their families to meet the physical, nutritional, emotional, social, spiritual, and special needs experienced during the final stages of illness, dying, and bereavement, as defined in Minnesota Statutes, § 144A.75, subd. 8, and includes the set of services as determined by the Medicare program under §1861(dd) of the Social Security Act and defined in 42 CFR § 418.3.

  • Food services means the preparation and serving of nutritionally balanced meals and snacks.

  • Standard Services means the standard Services referred to in Schedule 1 (Services) of this Framework Agreement;

  • Voice Services means the telecommunications services to be provided to you under Part A and as specified in your Application.

  • Transportation Services means travel assistance given to an individual

  • Respite services means a temporary period of relief and support for individuals and their families provided in a variety of settings. The intent is to provide a safe environment with staff assistance for individuals who lack an adequate support system to address current issues related to a disability. Respite may be provided for a defined period of time; respite is either planned or provided in response to a crisis.

  • Support Services the support services, as described in the Support Services Description, that We provide to You in respect of the Cloud Service.

  • Maintenance Services means SAP’s then-current maintenance and/or support services offered under and described in detail in the applicable SAP PartnerEdge Model.

  • Storage Services means any Services which offer you storage capacity on the network for storage of content which you access from us.

  • Interconnection Service(s means any Interconnection, Resale Services, 251(c)(3) UNEs, Collocation, functions, facilities, products or services offered under this Agreement.

  • janitorial services means those cleaning and caretaking services

  • Hosted Services means the hosting, management and operation of the computing hardware, ancillary equipment, Software, firmware, data, other services (including support services), and related resources for remote electronic access and use by the State and its Authorized Users, including any services and facilities related to disaster recovery obligations.

  • Finished Services means complete end-to-end services offered by Qwest to wholesale customers or retail End User Customers. Finished Services do not include Unbundled Network Elements or combinations of Unbundled Network Elements. Finished Services include Access Services, private lines, retail services, and resold services.

  • Program services means services that include all of the following provided they are pursuant to a program agreement: program needs assessment and development, job task analysis, curriculum development and revision, instruction, instructional materials and supplies, computer software and upgrades, instructional support, administrative and student services, related school to career training programs, skill or career interest assessment services and testing and contracted services.

  • Online Services means Microsoft-hosted services to which Customer subscribes under this Agreement. It does not include software and services provided under separate license terms.

  • New Services shall have the meaning set out in Clause 7.1;

  • Hosting Services means the provision, administration, and maintenance of servers and related equipment, the provision of bandwidth at the hosting facility, and the operation of the Application for access by Customer Users to be provided by the relevant hosting service provider.

  • Beta Services means Xxxxxx services or functionality that may be made available to Customer to try at its option at no additional charge which is clearly designated as beta, pilot, limited release, developer preview, non-production, evaluation, or by a similar description.

  • Installation Services means all those services ancillary to the supply of the Plant and Equipment for the Facilities, to be provided by the Contractor under the Contract; e.g., transportation and provision of marine or other similar insurance, inspection, expediting, site preparation works (including the provision and use of Contractor’s Equipment and the supply of all construction materials required), installation, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning, operations, maintenance, the provision of operations and maintenance manuals, training, etc.

  • Satellite services means communications capabilities that utilize an on-orbit satellite for transmitting the signal from one location to another.

  • Extra Services means those services set forth in Schedule “B” that are requested by the Municipality for itself or on behalf of its citizens and provided by the Company in accordance with paragraph 7 of this Agreement;

  • Products and Services means the products and/or services to be sold by Vendor hereunder as identified and described on Attachment A hereto and incorporated herein, as may be updated from time to time by Vendor to reflect products and/or services offered by Vendor generally to its customers.

  • Services plan means a written statement that describes the special education and related services the school district will provide to a parentally-placed child with a disability enrolled in a private school located in the district, including the location of the services and any transportation necessary, consistent with 34 CFR §§ 300.132, 300.137-139.

  • Transportation Service Agreement means the contract between KUB and the Customer whereby KUB agrees to provide transportation gas service to the Customer.