Surgical procedure definition

Surgical procedure means a procedure that is performed
Surgical procedure means a procedure that is performed for the purpose of structurally altering the human body by incision or destruction of tissues as part of the practice of medicine. This term includes the diagnostic or therapeutic treatment of conditions or disease processes by use of instruments such as lasers, ultrasound, ionizing, radiation, scalpels, probes, or needles that cause localized alteration or transportation of live human tissue by cutting, burning, vaporizing, freezing, suturing, probing, or manipulating by closed reduction for major dislocations and fractures, or otherwise altering by any mechanical, thermal, light‑based, electromagnetic, or chemical means.
Surgical procedure means the excision or incision of a patient’s body for the:

Examples of Surgical procedure in a sentence

  • The benefit payment shall be subject to survival of the Insured Person for at least 30 days following the first diagnosis of the Critical Illness/undergoing the Surgical Procedure for the first time unless it has been specially waived on payment of additional premium.

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Surgical procedure means a procedure defined as such in the most current version of the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) or the most current version of the International Classification of Diseases, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM).
Surgical procedure means any manual or operative procedure performed upon the body of a living human being for the purpose of preserving health, diagnosing or curing disease, repairing injury, correcting deformity or defect, prolonging life or relieving suffer- ing, and involving any of the following:
Surgical procedure means a procedure reported as surgeryfor the purposes ofbilling. (Indiana State Department of Health; 410 IAC 15-3-1; filed Jan 31, 1985, 3:30 pm: 8 IR 592; readopted filed Jul 11, 2001, 2:23 p.m.: 24 IR 4234; readopted filed May
Surgical procedure means making an incision into an individual’s body for the:
Surgical procedure means any invasive medical
Surgical procedure means a procedure that is recognized under O.H.I.P. Schedule of Insured Services whether performed in the hospital or in the Doctors office.
Surgical procedure means but is not limited to cutting, suturing, treatment of burns, correction of fracture, reduction of dislocation, manipulation of joint under general anesthesia, electrocauterization, laser surgery, taping, application of plaster casts, and administration of pneumothorax, endoscopy or injection of sclerosing solution.