Runway definition

Runway means a defined area on an airport prepared for landing and takeoff of aircraft along its length.
Runway means the runway used by aircraft and, unless otherwise specified, does not include helipads and/or their accompanying takeoff/landing courses. (See Pilot/Controller Glossary terms – Runway and Helipad.)

Examples of Runway in a sentence

  • At the time of completing the S106, the Airport Operator does not have a legal interest in the Runway Extension Additional Land (shown hatched blue on the plan attached at Appendix 2 to the S106).

  • Given the nature of the Applications, it is agreed between the LPA and the Airport Operator that this obligation is necessary, directly related to the Runway Extension and the Terminal Building and is fairly and reasonably related in scale and kind to the development.

  • Condition 26 (RE): No Aeroplane or other aircraft is to be permitted to land on Runway 21 or Runway 03 or depart Runway 21 whenever a train is in transit between the nuclear flask loading bay at Halfway Bush and Lydd Town Station.

  • Runway: Runway condition reports will occur when contaminants are present on a runway surface via the Federal NOTAM System.

  • Operating the Terminal Building until completion of the Runway Extension which accords with the assessments carried out in the Environmental Statements submitted with the Applications.

More Definitions of Runway

Runway means the runway used by aircraft, and in discussions of separation standards isapplicable to helipads with accompanying takeoff/ landing courses. (See Pilot/Controller Glossary term- Runway.)
Runway means it is a defined surfaced rectangular area at an Airport prepared for the landing and take-off of aircraft;
Runway means an assembly of rails, beams, girders, brackets, and framework on which the crane or trol- ley travels.
Runway means an area, whether or not paved, which is provided for the take-off or landing run of aircraft;
Runway means the paved surface of an airport landing strip.