Cutting definition

Cutting means to penetrate with a sharp-edged instrument and includes sawing, but does not include shearing, slicing, or punching.
Cutting or “division” means a plant grown from the root, rhizome, stem, or leaf of another plant and is considered to be artificially propagated only if the traded specimen does not contain any material collected from the wild.
Cutting means cutting typically utilising either an oxy-acetylene gas cutting torch or abrasive disc cutter to cut and/or resize large pieces of scrap metal into more manageable sizes; powder torches and plasma torches may be used to cut heat-resistant scrap e.g. pig iron, copper, bronze).

Examples of Cutting in a sentence

Cutting in any sale or unit without the required advance payment would be considered a trespass.

Cutting edge: regulatory T cells directly suppress B cells in systemic lupus erythematosus.

Cutting edge: enhancement of antibody responses through direct stimulation of B and T cells by type I IFN.

Cutting the side panel to precisely fit the back wall is not necessary if a corner molding, supplied in some kits, is used.

None for dust and fibres released during handling Cutting through the material and surface scuffing may release small amounts of airborne fibre, clay and carbon dust which are mechanically irritant to skin, eyes and upper respiratory system.As with any dust, pre-existing upper respiratory symptoms and lung diseases may be aggravated.Under the European chemicals Regulation 1907/2006 REACH this product is considered to be an article.

More Definitions of Cutting

Cutting means to completely remove at ground level.
Cutting means a section of a lead stem or root stock that is used for vegetative asexual propagation.
Cutting means a process in which the severing or removing of metal is effected by the use of an arc or flame.
Cutting means the falling or removal of a tree, or any procedure that naturally results in the death or substantial destruction of a tree. “Cutting” does not include normal trimming or pruning, but does include topping of trees.
Cutting means the severing of the main trunk or stem of woody vegetation at any point.
Cutting means that term as defined in section 102 of the MMFLA, MCL 333.27102.
Cutting means the severing of a main trunk or stem with an intent to destroy the vegetation, or the removal of more than twenty-five percent of the total vegetative height.