Bulkhead definition

Bulkhead means an airtight structure separating the working chamber from free air or from another chamber under a lower pressure than the working pressure;

Examples of Bulkhead in a sentence

  • Bulkheads 1) Bulkhead design and development shall conform to all other applicable local, state, and federal agency regulations.

  • Are luminaire products (such as Baylight, Bulkhead, etc.) covered under CRS, as they do not fall under any section of the standard?Yes, products that do not fall under the scope of other sections (sections 2 to 8) of IS 10322 (Part 5) would be treated as covered under Section 1 (General Purpose Fixed Luminaire).Baylight, Bulkhead etc are covered under LED Flood lights product category.

  • Bulkhead type connectors with exposed tailing wires are packed and shipped in a suitably sized packing crate to allow adequate space for the tailing wires without bending or kinking.If the connectors are assembled onto hoses, they will be suitably coiled and secured with tape to prevent uncoiling during transit.

  • Bulkhead lines shall be established in the public interest and shall conform as nearly as practicable to the existing shores, except that in the case of leases under sub.

  • Bulkhead: A vertical wall of wood, steel, or concrete, built parallel to the shoreline and designed to deflect waves and control erosion.

More Definitions of Bulkhead

Bulkhead means a vertical shore protection structure installed to withstand the forces of waves and currents. A bulkhead is not a "revetment" or a "gabion" as defined elsewhere in this section.
Bulkhead means a structure or partition to reduce pressure and shut off water from entering a valve or gate chamber to allow for repair and maintenance of the valve or gate.
Bulkhead means walls or structures constructed parallel to the shoreline whose primary purpose is to hold or prevent the erosion of soil due to wave action.
Bulkhead means a wall, seawall, embankment, or other structure erected at or near the OHWM and roughly parallel to the shoreline that retains or prevents sliding or erosion of land or protects land and/or structures from wave or current action.
Bulkhead means a metal wall or partition, generally vertical, both sides of which are inside the vessel and which is bounded by the bottom, the side plating, a deck or by another bulkhead;
Bulkhead means a wood, steel, or concrete structure built to retain or prevent mass wasting and collapse of a bluff into the sea; it provides limited protection from damage by waves.
Bulkhead means a structure of timber, concrete, steel, rock or similar substance located parallel to the shore, which has as its primary purpose to contain and prevent the loss of soil by erosion, wave, or current action.