Bulkhead definition

Bulkhead means an airtight structure separating the working chamber from free air or from another chamber under a lower pressure than the working pressure;
Bulkhead means a vertical or nearly vertical erosion protection structure placed parallel to the shore consisting of concrete, timber, steel, rock, or other permanent material not readily subject to erosion.
Bulkhead means a steel structure, with flexible flashing, that is used to block ventilation as specified in Permit Attachment A2 (Geologic Repository).

Examples of Bulkhead in a sentence

  • Outlet Gates 60% Design AECOM will progress the Tunnel Bulkhead and Gate Replacement, Option 4 from 30% to an approximately 60% level of design, and revise the design to accommodate a 1 to 5 cfs streamflow release range requirement for the HWSP, be it part of the main gates or separate release gates and/or valve structure.

More Definitions of Bulkhead

Bulkhead means a structure or partition to reduce pressure and shut off water from entering a valve or gate chamber to allow for repair and maintenance of the valve or gate.
Bulkhead means a vertical shore protection structure installed to withstand the forces of waves and currents. A bulkhead is not a "revetment" or a "gabion" as defined elsewhere in this section.
Bulkhead means walls or structures constructed parallel to the shoreline whose primary purpose is to hold or prevent the erosion of soil due to wave action.
Bulkhead means a movable partition that physically separates a pool into multiple sections.
Bulkhead means a vertical barrier across a vehicle to prevent the cargo moving forward;
Bulkhead means the wall below ground-floor windows on a building (i.e., may be differentiated from other walls by using different materials or detailing).
Bulkhead means a wall, seawall, embankment, or other structure erected at or near the OHWM and roughly parallel to the shoreline that retains or prevents sliding or erosion of land or protects land and/or structures from wave or current action.