shoring definition

shoring means a system used to support the sides of an excavation and which is intended to prevent the cave-in or the collapse of the sides of an excavation;
shoring means a structure such as a hydraulic, mechanical or timber/steel shoring system that supports the sides of an excavation and which is intended to prevent the cave-in or the collapse of the sides of an excavation, and “shoring system” has a corresponding meaning;
shoring means an assembly of structural members designed to prevent earth or material from falling, sliding or rolling into an excavation.

Examples of shoring in a sentence

  • The majority of employees attended Trench and Shoring safety training presented by IRMA.

  • Shoring plans and calculations shall be prepared by a California licensed engineer and shall confirm to the Cal/OSHA regulations.

  • Section 31 20 00, EARTH MOVING:// //Section 31 20 11, (SHORT FORM) EARTH MOVING:// //Section 31 23 19, DEWATERING:// Excavation, Trench Widths, Pipe Bedding, Backfill, Shoring, Sheeting, Bracing.

  • Shoring plans and calculations will be required for all excavations which exceed five (5) feet in depth or which remove lateral support from any existing building, adjacent property, or the public right-of-way.

More Definitions of shoring

shoring means temporary structural support.
shoring means a system used to support the sides of an excavation and which is intended to prevent the cave-in or the collapse of the sides of an excavation; "structure" means-  any building, steel or reinforced concrete structure (not being a building), railway line or siding, bridge, waterworks, reservoir, pipe or pipeline, cable, sewer, sewage works, fixed vessels, road, drainage works, earthworks, dam, wall, mast, tower, tower crane, bulk mixing plant, pylon, surface and underground tanks, earth retaining structure or any structure designed to preserve or alter any natural feature, and any other similar structure;  any falsework, scaffold or other structure designed or used to provide support or means of access during construction work; or  any fixed plant in respect of construction work which includes installation, commissioning, decommissioning or dismantling and where any construction work involves a risk of a person falling; "suspended platform" means a working platform suspended from supports by means of one or more separate ropes from each support ;
shoring means the construction of a temporary structure to support temporarily an unsafe structure. These render lateral support to walls and are used under the following circumstances -
shoring means a construction procedure used specifically to maintain the stability of the walls of an excavation and provide protection to workers who may enter the excavation.
shoring means structures which help support trench and excavation walls to prevent movement of soil during excavation.
shoring means structural members (typically of timber, steel or concrete) used to support an excavation face to prevent slippage of earth.

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