Irrigation definition

Irrigation service means any separately metered connections for vegetation irrigation with no discharge into the sanitary sewer system.
Irrigation means application of water to land areas to supply the water needs of
Irrigation means the use of water to sustain crops, lawns, or landscapes, including water used on athletic fields, parks, and golf courses.

Examples of Irrigation in a sentence

  • The procedures laid down in subsequent paragraphs shall govern the suspension and debarment of suppliers, contractors and bidders (“Contractors” for brevity) involved in Government procurement for offenses or violations committed during competitive bidding and contract implementation, or even later for the works under Irrigation & Waterways Department, Government of West Bengal.

  • On individual lots all Water, Sewer and Irrigation fees are to be paid when building begins, prior to the Can and Will Serve Notice being released.For new developments, the developer will pay a nonrefundable 10% of the connection fee at the current rate, at the time the Can and Will Serve Letter is issued for each phase.

  • There exists underground Potable Water, Re-use Water, Irrigation, Sanitary Sewer, TV cable, Fiber-optic Lines, Telephone Lines, Power lines and associated utility facilities within the project limits.

  • The concerned Chief Engineer then will issue the necessary order in writing with intimation to the defaulting contractor/bidder, other Chief Engineers, Centralized e-Tender Cell and also the Government in the Irrigation & Waterways Department.

  • The site for this 2-yr study was a circular field, about 100 m in diameter, with a single-span irrigation pivot system at the Alberta Irrigation Technology Centre near Lethbridge.

More Definitions of Irrigation

Irrigation means the beneficial use of water or reclaimed water, or both, for growing crops, turf, or silviculture, or for landscaping.
Irrigation means the distribution of Water to the surface or sub-surface of lawns, gardens, and other areas situated outside buildings by pipes, hoses, sprinklers or any other method.
Irrigation means any method of
Irrigation means water used exclusively for watering lawns and gardens.
Irrigation means the application of water to soil, mulch or compost usually to supplement precipitation and supply moisture for the growth of vegetation or for the production of compost.
Irrigation means use of water by any Commercial Cannabis Cultivation activity. “Licensee” means a person issued a state license to engage in Commercial Cannabis Activity.
Irrigation means the application of water to the land, by artificial means, for agricultural or non-agricultural purposes.