Irrigation definition

Irrigation means application of water to land areas to supply the water needs of
Irrigation service means any separately metered connections for vegetation irrigation with no discharge into the sanitary sewer system.
Irrigation means the use of water to sustain crops, lawns, or landscapes, including water used on athletic fields, parks, and golf courses.

Examples of Irrigation in a sentence

  • Resident has received and reviewed the Irrigation Filter Ownership/Maintenance agreement.

  • Quantity Material Square Footage 1004 Yards –Landscape Mulch 108,460 SF @3” Irrigation Quantity Material 1 Retrofit existing irrigation system (108,460 SF turf) All new planting beds and existing turf areas will be irrigated with drip line (netafim or similar) or drip emitters as necessary.

  • Irrigation Road, San Xxxxxxx)” and the ENTITY has accepted the Bid of the CONTRACTOR in the amount of ONE MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED EIGHTY THOUSAND FORTY PESOS & 91/100 (P1,780,040.91) for the execution and completion of this contract and the remedying of any defects therein.

  • I, the undersigned, hereby make application to the Xxxxxxxx Heights Citrus Irrigation District (“District”) for irrigation water service.

  • The Eligible Applicant agrees that the Minister may set-off against any other grant or amount payable to the Eligible Applicant under any programs administered within Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation any amounts that become repayable by the Eligible Applicant to the Minister under the provisions of this Agreement.

More Definitions of Irrigation

Irrigation means the beneficial use of water or reclaimed water, or both, for growing crops, turf, or silviculture, or for landscaping.
Irrigation means the distribution of Water to the surface or sub-surface of lawns, gardens, and other areas situated outside buildings by pipes, hoses, sprinklers or any other method.
Irrigation means water used exclusively for watering lawns and gardens.
Irrigation service means any separately metered connections for non-potable or potable water with no discharge into the sanitary sewer system.
Irrigation means any method of
Irrigation means the application of water to soil, mulch or compost usually to supplement precipitation and supply moisture for the growth of vegetation or for the production of compost.
Irrigation or “Irrigation Use” means the artificial application of water to crops or plants by controlled means to promote growth or to nourish crops or plants. Examples of irrigation uses include, but are not limited to, watering of an agricultural crop, commercial garden, tree farm, orchard, park, golf course play field or vineyard.