Facility Agreements definition

Facility Agreements means the agreements of that name between the Issuer and different
Facility Agreements means, collectively, the Bank Credit Agreement, the Second Mortgage Notes Indenture and the FF&E Facility Agreement.
Facility Agreements means this Agreement, the Power Purchase Agreement, the EPC Contract, the Management Agreement(s) and the Implementation Agreement. Agreement.

Examples of Facility Agreements in a sentence

  • If the Capacity available is not sufficient to receive or deliver for all Transportation Facility Users requesting interruptible services, then Service Provider must allocate the available Capacity equitably (that is, on the basis of tariffs paid, first-come-first-served, pro rata based on nominated quantities or such other basis as Service Provider reasonably determines) among Transportation Facility Users who have entered into interruptible Facility Agreements.

  • Existing Transmission Agreements are either Transmission Wheeling Agreements or Transmission Facility Agreements, and are listed in the ISO OATT.

  • Table 1A of Attachment L lists all ETAs. ETAs include Transmission Wheeling Agreements (including MWAs and Third Party TWAs) and Transmission Facility Agreements.

  • The Issuer may enter into further Facility Agreements (and Equity Contracts thereunder) with counterparties other than SG (and the Prospectus would be updated accordingly).

  • This Attachment describes (i) the treatment of Existing Transmission Agreements (“ETA”), including Transmission Wheeling Agreements (“TWA”), Third Party Transmission Wheeling Agreements (“Third Party TWA”), and Transmission Facility Agreements (“TFA”), (ii) the treatment of Grandfathered Rights and Grandfathered TCCs arising out of such Existing Transmission Agreements, and (iii) the creation of Existing Transmission Capacity for Native Load.

More Definitions of Facility Agreements

Facility Agreements means the Existing Facility Agreements and the Super Senior Facility Agreement and “Facility Agreement” means any of them.
Facility Agreements means the Interconnection Agreement.
Facility Agreements means each of: (a) the Term Loan A Credit Agreement, (b) if applicable, the Train 6KEXIM Direct Facility Agreement, (c) the KEXIM Direct Facility Agreement, (d) the KEXIM Covered Facility Agreement, and (ed) the KSURE Covered Facility Agreement.
Facility Agreements means, collectively, the Bank Credit Agreement and the Second Mortgage Note Indenture.
Facility Agreements means the £[Amount] loan facility agreement dated [Date] made between (1) the Bank and (2) the Customer.
Facility Agreements has the meaning given in Schedule A of the CSAA.
Facility Agreements has the meaning set forth in paragraph 3(d) of the Agency Agreement.