EPC Contract definition

EPC Contract means the engineering, procurement and construction contract or contracts entered into by the Developer with one or more Contractors for, inter alia, engineering and construction of the Project Infrastructure in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement;

Examples of EPC Contract in a sentence

Therefore, if any problems occur the project’s Client need only look to one party - the contractor - to both fix the problem and provide compensation.As a result, if the contractor is a JV comprising several entities the EPC Contract must state that those entities are jointly and severally liable to the Client.

Buyer shall have the right to review and provide comments to the EPC Contract prior to execution thereof by Seller.

Iconergy EPC Contract Approval – Dave needs approval of the Iconergy contract.

USD 2,800 million (THB 91,000 million) EPC Contract Value: Approx.

Key features of the program and implementation process at Kawerau included: The Tender Process - The EPC Contract was competitively tendered by MRP on the basis of a FIDIC form of contract.

More Definitions of EPC Contract

EPC Contract means that certain agreement(s), if any, by and between Purchaser and EPC Contractor(s), for the erection of the Turbine and the design, supply, construction, installation and commissioning of (i) crane pads, laydown areas, temporary construction roads
EPC Contract means that certain Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contract to be entered into by BE&K Construction Company, LLC and Purchaser, pursuant to which EPC Contractor shall provide engineering, design, procurement, construction, construction management, testing, commissioning and related services for the Project, as such may thereafter be amended, supplemented and otherwise modified.
EPC Contract means the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contract, dated as of April 24, 1996 between the EPC Contractor and Tangshan Panda and Tangshan Pan-Western, as the same may from time to time be amended, supplemented or otherwise modified.