Self-employment definition

Self-employment means engaging in any legal income generating activity that is taxable under the U.S. Tax Code or that would be tax- able with or without a treaty between an Indian Nation and the U.S., as verified by Washington state business license, or a tribal, county, or city business or occupation license, as applicable, and a uniform business identification (UBI) number for approved self-employment ac- tivities that occur outside of the home. Incorporated businesses are not considered self-employment enterprises.
Self-employment shall be where a Claimant sets up his/her own business and is responsible for paying his/her tax and National Insurance.
Self-employment means an employment setting in which an individual works in a chosen occupation, for profit or fee, in his or her own small business, with control and responsibility for decisions affecting the conduct of the business.

More Definitions of Self-employment

Self-employment means services performed as a self-employed indi- vidual.
Self-employment means employment that results in an obligor earning income from any business organization or entity which the obligor is, to a significant extent, able to directly or indirectly control. For purposes of this chapter, it also includes any activity that generates income from rental property, royalties, business gains, partnerships, trusts, corporations, and any other organization or entity regardless of form and regardless of whether such activity would be considered self-employment activity under the Internal Revenue Code.
Self-employment means employment on one’s own behalf and not under a contract of employment, express or implied;
Self-employment means earning income from one’s own business, trade, or profession rather than receiving a salary or wages from an employer.
Self-employment. The termSelf-Employment” means the Member is working as:
Self-employment means drawing income from a trade or business that you operate personally or being employed by a business in which you hold at least 25% ownership.