Deferral Date definition

Deferral Date means the date Fees would otherwise have been paid to the Participant.
Deferral Date means, in connection with any Deferred Compensation Unit, the date on which any deferred compensation with respect thereto would have been paid if no deferral election had been made.
Deferral Date means, with respect to each Plan Year, the earliest date GS Inc. determines that Eligible Compensation subject to a Deferral Request would have been paid to the Eligible Employee in the absence of the Plan, or such other date or dates as may be selected by the Administrative Committee in its sole discretion prior to the date Deferral Requests are required to be returned to the Administrative Committee for a Plan Year.

Examples of Deferral Date in a sentence

  • Optional Interest Payment Date means any Interest Payment Date other than a Compulsory Interest Payment Date or a Mandatory Interest Deferral Date.

  • Notwithstanding that the date set for redemption may be a Mandatory Redemption Deferral Date, the Bonds may be redeemed and the relevant redemption amount may still be paid to the extent permitted under, and in accordance with, the Applicable Regulations.

  • Any failure to pay principal due to a Mandatory Deferral shall not constitute a default by the Issuer for any purpose, provided that nothing shall be construed to permit the Issuer to defer any principal otherwise due and payable except under the circumstances specified in the definition of Mandatory Redemption Deferral Date.

  • At the same time as delivering any notice of deferral of redemption to the Bond Trustee (on behalf of the bondholders), the Issuer shall send to the Bond Trustee a certificate signed by an authorised signatory of the Issuer confirming that the relevant date set for redemption is or is not (as applicable) a Mandatory Redemption Deferral Date.

  • Payment of interest on the Notes will be mandatorily deferred on each Mandatory Interest Deferral Date.

More Definitions of Deferral Date

Deferral Date has the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 5.1;
Deferral Date means the earliest to occur of:
Deferral Date means an Interest Payment Date in respect of which a Deferral Event has occurred and is continuing.
Deferral Date has the meaning ascribed to such term in the Assignment and Set-Off Agreement;
Deferral Date means the date on which an Eligible Grantee or Eligible Optionee makes an effective Deferral Election.
Deferral Date means the earliest of (a) the date selected by the Participant as his Deferral Date in the Election Form, which date (if not the Participant’s Separation From Service) must be at least two years after the end of the Bonus Period or pay period with respect to which the payment would otherwise be made; (b) the date of the Participant’s death; or (c) in the event of a Separation From Service for reasons other than Retirement, the Participant’s Separation From Service. If no Deferral Date is selected by the Participant, the Participant shall be deemed to have selected a Deferral Date which is the Participant’s Separation From Service.
Deferral Date means the Payment Date under the relevant series next following submission of a Deferral Claim;