Deferral Contributions definition

Deferral Contributions are Salary Reduction Contributions and Cash or Deferred Contributions the Employer contributes to the Trust on behalf of an Eligible Employee, irrespective of whether, in the case of Cash or Deferred Contributions, the contribution is at the election of the Employee. For Salary Reduction Contributions, the terms "deferral contributions" and "elective deferrals" have the same meaning.
Deferral Contributions means, for each Plan Year, that portion of a Participant’s Compensation deferred under the Plan pursuant to Section 3.2.
Deferral Contributions means contributions by a Participant pursuant to Section 3.1 of this Plan.

Examples of Deferral Contributions in a sentence

  • A “Qualified Reservist Distribution” means a distribution from the Participant’s Account of amounts attributable to Deferral Contributions, provided such distribution is made during the period beginning on the date of the order or call to active duty and ending at the close of the active duty period.

  • The Employer has the right, at any time, to terminate this Plan or to cease (freeze) further Deferral Contributions to the Plan.

  • Qualified Matching Employer Contributions, except to the extent that the "ADP" test described in Section 6.03 must be satisfied with respect to some Deferral Contributions and such Qualified Matching Employer Contributions are used in applying the "ADP" test.

  • The Employer shall maintain records sufficient to demonstrate satisfaction of the "ACP" test and the amount of Deferral Contributions, Qualified Nonelective Employer Contributions, and/or Qualified Matching Employer Contributions used in such test.

  • Except as specifically elected by the Employer within Subsections 1.07(a) with respect to each payroll period, an Active Participant may not elect to make Deferral Contributions in excess of the percentage of Compensation specified by the Employer in Subsection 1.07(a)(1)(A) and Subsection 5.03(a) below.

More Definitions of Deferral Contributions

Deferral Contributions means Salary Reduction Contributions, Nonelective Contributions and Matching Contributions. The Employer or the Administrative Services Provider (if applicable) in applying the Code § 457(b) limit will take into account Deferral Contributions in the Taxable Year in which deferred. The Employer or Administrative Services Provider (if applicable) in determining the amount of a Participant’s Deferral Contributions disregards the net income, gain and loss attributable to Deferral Contributions.
Deferral Contributions means the combined Base Deferrals and Incentive Deferrals made pursuant to Article 4.
Deferral Contributions shall include the sum of all Employer Contributions made on behalf of such Participant pursuant to an election to defer under any qualified CODA as described in Section 401(k) of the Code, any simplified employee pension cash or deferred arrangement as described in Section 402(h)(1)(B) of the Code, any eligible deferred compensation plan under Section 457 of the Code, any plan as described under Section 501(c)(18) of the Code, and any Employer Contributions made on the behalf of a Participant for the purchase of an annuity contract under Section 403(b) of the Code pursuant to a salary reduction agreement. Deferral Contributions shall not include any deferrals properly distributed as excess annual additions. Excess Deferrals shall be treated as annual additions under the Plan, unless such amounts are distributed no later than the first April 15 following the close of the Participant's taxable year. Excess Deferrals shall be adjusted for any income or loss up to the date of distribution. The income or loss allocable to Excess Deferrals is (1) income or loss allocable to the Participant's Deferral Contributions Account for the taxable year multiplied by a fraction, the numerator of which is such Participant's Excess Deferrals for the year and the denominator is the Participant's Account balance attributable to Deferral Contributions without regard to any income or loss occurring during such taxable year, or (2) such other amount determined under any reasonable method, provided that such method is used consistently for all Participants in calculating the distributions required under this Section 4.01(c) and Sections 4.02(d) and 4.04(d) for the Plan Year, and is used by the Plan in allocating income or loss to Participants' Accounts. Income or loss allocable to the period between the end of the Plan Year and the date of distribution shall be disregarded in determining income or loss.
Deferral Contributions means the elective contributions made to the Plan by a Participant pursuant to Article 4 hereof.
Deferral Contributions means those amounts credited to a Participant’s Account pursuant to Section 3.1.
Deferral Contributions means that portion of a Participant’s Compensation that is deferred by a Participant pursuant to the Programs.
Deferral Contributions means the sum of the deferral contributions the Employer contributes to the Trust on behalf of an Eligible Employee, pursuant to Section 3.01.