Delivery personnel definition

Delivery personnel means a person whose purpose is to receive or pass items to employees working in a secure area and who does not need to enter the secure area. Such exchanges of items can occur in courier services and delivery of office equipment, etc.
Delivery personnel means the person engaged by Market Place Service Provider for the Delivery or Returns (as defined herein below) of the Products.
Delivery personnel means an independent third-party delivery contractor responsible for delivering Vendor’s products.

Examples of Delivery personnel in a sentence

  • Reference is made to the provisions on termination notices of the Delivery Personnel Collective Agreement.

  • Disputes regarding statements of employment particulars shall be dealt with according to the provisions on industrial proceedings of the Delivery Personnel Collective Agreement.

  • Holidays will accrue, be held and paid under the Danish Holiday Act in force from time to time and the Delivery Personnel Collective Agreement.

  • Collective agreement The employment is subject to the Delivery Personnel Collective Agreement outside the Copenhagen Metropolitan Area between the Danish Newspapers’ and Media Employers’ Association and the United Federation of Danish Workers.

  • The above terms and conditions have been met, and the employee is eligible for pension: Yes_ No _ If yes, indicate previous pension provider: _ With his signature below, the employee confirms that he/she has not previously been covered by a pension scheme: Employee signature Reference is made to the provisions on pension of the Delivery Personnel Collective Agreement.

  • Wages will be paid in accordance with Delivery Personnel Collective Agreement outside the Copenhagen Metropolitan Area.

  • Delivery Personnel shall be guaranteed one-half (½) of their daily basic rate, if in the course of a work day, they are unable to perform their normal deliveries due to mechanical breakdown.

  • The Company will provide uniform T-shirts for Depot and Delivery Personnel.

  • The Board hereby recognizes Local 95, I.U.0.E. as the exclusive bargaining representative of regular appointed employees as set forth in the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board Certification of Representative No. PERA-R-727- W dated April 2, 1971, including Engineers, Firemen, Bus Drivers, Bus Attendants and Delivery Personnel.

  • The Client shall defend, hold harmless, indemnify and keep indemnified and harmless Service Provider, Delivery Personnel, Service Provider’s directors, employees, contractors and against all suits, investigations, enforcements, actions, fines, penalties, fees, interests, losses, damages and costs, without any limitation, (including reasonable attorney fees) incurred by Service Provider due to The Client’s breach / alleged breach of clause 3, 4 and 11.

More Definitions of Delivery personnel

Delivery personnel herein shall refer to the Employees of Peritus who provide the Automate:2000/(R)/ service to CLIENT.
Delivery personnel means a person who receives items from, or passes items to employees. Such as of courier services and delivery of office equipment, etc.

Related to Delivery personnel

  • Delivery Period means that period agreed in writing between the Parties in relation to Delivery of the Product or parts thereof by the Contractor, any delay in which shall be deemed a breach of this Agreement and entitle JOBURG MARKET to exercise its remedies in terms of this Agreement or at law.

  • Supplier Personnel means Supplier’s employees, consultants, agents, independent contractors and Subcontractors.

  • Contractor Sensitive Information means any information provided by the Contractor to the Authority (disregarding any protective marking or assertion of confidentiality) which: is specified as Contractor Sensitive Information in Schedule 7 and has not lost its sensitivity according to the justifications and durations set out in that Schedule; and is exempt information pursuant to sections 33(1) or 36, 38 or 39 of FOISA (having regard for that purpose to the public interest there might be in disclosing such information as referred to in section 2(1)(b) of FOISA).

  • Receiving Party Personnel has the meaning set forth in Section 37(d).

  • Specified Personnel means the personnel specified in the Contract to provide the Services.

  • Service Provider Personnel means and refers to Service Provider employees or subcontractors hired and maintained to perform Services hereunder.

  • Project specific information means such part of the Instructions to Consultants used to reflect specific project and assignment conditions.

  • Notice Delivery Period means the period from and including the Trade Date, to and including a day that is three (3) Business Days following the date that is 14 calendar days after the Scheduled Termination Date. Section 1.23 (Notice Delivery Period) of the Credit Derivatives Definitions shall be amended accordingly.

  • Personnel means persons hired by the Consultant or by any Subconsultant as employees and assigned to the performance of the Services or any part thereof;

  • Authorized Personnel means the employees of the Licensee and personnel from third parties who work on behalf of the Licensee under a contract (which shall include confidentiality clause) entered into and between the Licensee and the third party.

  • Purchaser Personnel means the Purchasers’, and each Purchaser’s Affiliates’, officers, directors (or their equivalent), employees, agents, and contractors of any kind.

  • Contractor Personnel means Contractor’s employees and subcontractors (as well as any employees or subcontractors of those subcontractors) performing the Services.

  • Commercially Sensitive Information Schedule means the Schedule containing a list of the Commercially Sensitive Information.

  • Project Deliverables means the Project deliverables set out in Schedule 2. Project Material means all the material including but not limited to documents, computer software, and data stored by any means which is created by the Fellow in the course of undertaking the Project.

  • Contractor Materials means Materials owned or developed prior to the provision of the Work, or developed by Contractor independently from the provision of the Work and without use of the Court Materials or Confidential Information.

  • Key Personnel means those persons named in the Specification as being key personnel.

  • Provider Personnel means all persons employed or engaged by the Provider together with the Provider’s servants, agents, consultants and Sub-Contractors (and all persons employed by any Sub-Contractor together with the Sub-Contractor’s servants, consultants, agents, Provider’s and Sub-Contractors) used in the performance of its obligations under this Agreement;

  • Coordinated licensure information system means an integrated process for collecting, storing, and sharing information on nurse licensure and enforcement activities related to nurse licensure laws that is administered by a nonprofit organization composed of and controlled by licensing boards.

  • Qualified personnel means personnel who meet the statutory or regulatory qualifications for each respective profession currently applicable in this state.

  • Contractor Commercially Sensitive Information means the information listed in the Contractor Commercial Sensitive Information Annex to the Contract being information notified by the Contractor to the Authority which is acknowledged by the Authority as being commercially sensitive information.

  • Information Service Traffic means Local Traffic or IntraLATA Toll Traffic which originates on a Telephone Exchange Service line and which is addressed to an information service provided over a Party's information services platform (e.g., 976).

  • Dedicated Transport means CenturyLink transmission facilities between Wire Centers or switches owned by CenturyLink, or between Wire Centers or switches owned by CenturyLink and switches owned by CLEC, including, but not limited to, DS1, DS3, and OCn-capacity level services, as well as Dark Fiber, dedicated to a particular End User Customer or carrier.

  • Discovery Period means the period of time specified in Extension 4.4, immediately following the termination of this policy during which written notice may be given to the insurer of any claim first made against the insured during such period of time for any wrongful act occurring prior to the end of the policy period and otherwise covered by this policy.

  • Company Personnel means any current or former officer, employee, director or consultant of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries.

  • Service delivery area means the defined geographic area for delivery of program services.

  • Information Service Provider A provider of Information Service. Information Service Provider includes, but is not limited to, Internet Service Providers (ISPs).