Sealed container definition

Sealed container means a container that has been banded or otherwise secured, without operational taps or valves, provided the container is not deteriorated and does not leak.
Sealed container means a covered, closable container which is rodent-proof, fly-proof and watertight such as garbage cans with properly fitting tops or plastic garbage bags which have been closed or twisted shut.
Sealed container means a closed container which cannot be opened without breaking or damaging such container, or any part, seal, adhesive label or other attachment of or to such container;

Examples of Sealed container in a sentence

  • Sealed container may rupture from gases generated in a fire situation.

  • The business name of the licensee that sold the mixed drink or cocktail.b. The words “CONTAINS ALCOHOL.”4.10(5) Sealed container not deemed an open container.

  • VOLUME 2 – PRICE PROPOSAL(Provide One Original Copy of Below Information in Separate Sealed container.

  • Absent notation on CARRIER'S receipt document by the consignee at the time of receipt, the burden of proof shall be on the CUSTOMER to show the CARRIER is responsible for such loss or claim related to a Sealed container said to contain Property.

  • Sealed container does not include a container with a lid with sipping holes or openings for a straw or a container made of plastic, paper, or polystyrene foam.

More Definitions of Sealed container

Sealed container means a rigid container that contains a
Sealed container means a vessel containing beer or wine, which has not been opened, tampered with, uncapped or unsealed subsequent to its original filling and airtight sealing by the manufacturer, importer, or retail dealer.
Sealed container means a container so closed or sealed that access to the contents cannot be obtained without damage to the container;
Sealed container means a container which is fully enclosed, weather proof, does not allow any solid or liquid content to escape and is lockable.
Sealed container means any sack, bag, barrel, box, package, carton, envelope or other receptacle which is closed by means of sewing, stitching, stapling, nailing, heat sealing, gumming or glueing;
Sealed container means any container having a capacity of not more than one hundred twenty-eight fluid ounces, the opening of which is closed to prevent the entrance of air.
Sealed container means a packaged container with a secure lid or cap designed to prevent consumption without removal of the lid or cap. A lid with sipping holes or opening for straws must be covered or affixed with an additional seal before sale.