Degraded definition

Degraded means to have suffered a decrease in naturally occurring functions and values due to activities undertaken or managed by persons, on or off a site.
Degraded means damaged). Deborah Zaitchik and col- leagues (Lombrozo et al. 2007; Zaitchik & Solomon 2008; 2009) have found that patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) resemble preschool children when perform- ing tasks that diagnose conceptual structure – they make animistic judgments that the sun, cars, and similar things are alive, and they demonstrate promiscuous teleology. These findings leave open two very different interpret- ations: (1) AD affects domain general processes that underlie the participant’s capacity to bring relevant con- ceptual resources to bear on a given task; and (2) AD affects the conceptual resources themselves, those that underlie the knowledge, and perhaps even the concepts, in the domain. For example, the disease might disrupt the skeletal inferential structures that constitute a vitalist biology, such that the participants no longer have a concept of living things. Gaining a fundamental knowledge of which interpretation is correct will be important to our understanding of the nature of concepts, perhaps even bearing on which aspects of conceptual role are content determining.
Degraded means the measurable gradual or temporary reduction in the throughput, speed, attentiveness, response time, or other performance characteristics of the applicable Service or item such that Normal Operations are not maintained.

Examples of Degraded in a sentence

  • Degraded propellant can cause inflator rupture during airbag deployment.

  • Degraded service outages which are defined as a critical function that is normally performed by the CLEC or is normally provided by an application or system available to the CLEC, but with significantly reduced response or processing time.

  • Degraded operations especially as it affects the preparation of trains.

  • The Rehabilitation Plan must be prepared in accordance with Council’s Guidelines for the Preparation of Rehabilitation Plans for Degraded Watercourses or Waterbodies.

  • Degraded areas (e.g., areas that have been actively dry-farmed) that are restored to high quality habitat through the implementation of a County-approved restoration plan.

More Definitions of Degraded

Degraded means ecosystems that have reached a threshold of degradation or detection of degradation according to a credible method or dataset (see assessment guidelines for suggested methods, data, and tools).
Degraded means that a component or part of the control system or connected equipment is not functioning per the specification.
Degraded means a wetland subjected to deleterious activities such as drainage, excessive nutrient runoff, grazing, cultivation, increased stormwater input and partial filling, to the extent that the natural wetland characteristics are compromised and where wetland function is reduced.
Degraded means that the system has one or more services that are not functioning properly, but the environment is available.
Degraded means ecosystems that have significantly diminished ecosystem composition, structure and/or function compared to the ecosystem that previously existed or currently could be sustained on any given site. This threshold of degradation may be detected or analyzed according to any available credible method or dataset (see assessment guidelines for suggested methods, data, and tools).
Degraded. , in relation to land, also means it has lost its agricultural production potential or has been eroded, waterlogged, salinised, denuded of vegetation, disturbed or damaged;
Degraded at the outset means materials which are not generally intact. It applies to the current condition of the material (and not the original state) e.g. fragments of asbestos cement would be regarded as intact units. Also, ‘weathered’ asbestos cement is not regarded as degraded as it still retains its basic inherent integrity.