Date of the Contract Sample Clauses

Date of the Contract. The Agreement is binding on Service Providers on the earlier of the earlier of: (a) Service Provider’s approval of Merchant for use of the Services; or (b) Service Provider’s processing of a transaction submitted by Merchant.
Date of the Contract. The Agreement is binding on Vantage on the earlier of (a) Vantage’s acceptance of the Agreement or (b) Vantage’s processing of transactions delivered to Vantage by Merchant pursuant to the Agreement. Member: Unless otherwise specified in the Merchant Application or upon notice to Merchant, the Member is: Vantage: Vantage Card Services, Inc. 2230 Towne Lake Parkway Building 400 Site 110
Date of the Contract. March 20, 2015. Supply period of approximately 20 years from the date of first commercial delivery. The contract term can be extended for up to 10 years by Buyer notifying Seller.

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Term of the Contract This Contract begins on 09/01/2013 and ends on 08/31/2014. DSHS has the option, in its sole discretion, to renew the Contract. DSHS is not responsible for payment under this Contract before both parties have signed the Contract or before the start date of the Contract, whichever is later.
SCOPE OF THE CONTRACT This Contract is solely between the Company and the Reinsurer. Performance of respective obligations of each party under this Contract shall be rendered solely to the other party, except as specifically and expressly provided for in the Insolvency Article. The provisions of this Contract are intended solely for the benefit of the parties to and executing this Contract, and nothing in this Contract shall in any manner create, or be construed to create, any obligations to or establish any rights against any party to this Contract in favor of any third parties or other persons not parties to and executing this Contract.
Duration of the Contract This contract becomes effective on , 20 , and will continue in effect until , 20 . Either party may terminate treatment with reasonable notice to the other party, as provided in the agreement. Notwithstanding this right to terminate treatment, both Physician and Beneficiary agree that the obligation not to pursue Medicare reimbursement for items and services provided under this contract will survive this contract.
Termination of the Contract 8.1 Any party shall terminate the contract with one (1) month written notice period required.
CONTROL OF THE CONTRACT F1 Transfer and Sub-Contracting
PARTIES TO THE CONTRACT This Contract is solely between the Company and the SBA which administers the FHCF. In no instance shall any insured of the Company or any claimant against an insured of the Company, or any other third party, have any rights under this Contract, except as provided in Article XIV. The SBA will only disburse funds to the Company, except as provided for in Article XIV of this Contract. The Company shall not, without the prior approval of the Office of Insurance Regulation, sell, assign, or transfer to any third party, in return for a fee or other consideration any sums the FHCF pays under this Contract or the right to receive such sums.
OBJECT OF THE CONTRACT 1.1. FINC’s obligations shall consist in supplying one “Anchor Handling, Towing and Supply“ Vessel (hereinafter referred to as the "Ship"), to be built at FINC’s Shipyards and delivered to the Owner, which agrees to accept delivery from FINC, and built in accordance with the conditions and stipulations stated herein, and as specified in the following technical documents: Specification : 382688/BS 8000000M rev. 0 dated 16/03/07 – Technical Specifications; Side Letter No. 1 dated 20/03/07. Drawings : 2000-100 rev. 02 – General Arrangement (Moss Maritime) 2000-101 rev. 02 – Tankplan (Moss Maritime) which, signed by both Parties, are an integral part hereof, although not attached hereto.
Service Contract The Parties intend this Agreement to be a “service contract” within the meaning of Section 7701(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. Purchaser will not take the position on any tax return or in any other filings suggesting that it is anything other than a purchase of electricity from the System.
SUB-CONTRACTING 31.1. The Authority approves the appointment of the sub-contractors specified in Schedule 10 (Approved Sub-contractors) in respect of the obligations specified in that Schedule.