Custodial Assets definition

Custodial Assets means all Collateral Debt Obligations, Eligible Investments, Collateral Enhancement Obligations and Exchanged Equity Securities and, in each case, any sums received in respect thereof held from time to time by the Custodian (or any duly authorised Sub-Custodian) pursuant to the terms of the Agency Agreement;
Custodial Assets means the assets to be transferred or delivered to the Custodian by Client and accepted by the Custodian, including those transferred or delivered to the Custodian in accordance with this agreement.
Custodial Assets has the meaning set forth in Section 5.5 hereof.

Examples of Custodial Assets in a sentence

  • In particular, if such broker or third party defaults in any obligation to deliver Custodial Assets or pay cash, the Custodian shall have no liability to the Issuer or the Trustee or any other party for such non-delivery or payment.

  • The Custodian shall not be liable to the Issuer for the collection, deposit or credit of any invalid, fraudulent or forged Custodial Assets.

  • The Custodian neither warrants nor guarantees the authenticity of any Custodial Assets received by it, or by any other entity authorised to hold Custodial Assets under this Agreement.

  • The Trustee shall not be responsible for the fees or expenses of the Custodian (including the fee of any Sub-Custodian) for acting as Custodian pursuant to this Agreement and of any Sub-Custodian for acting as Sub-Custodian in relation to any Custodial Assets as the case may be).

  • Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Custodian shall not be obliged to appear in or defend any suit with respect to any of the Custodial Assets in respect of each Series of Obligations unless it is requested to do so in writing by the Issuer and the Trustee and is indemnified and/or secured to its satisfaction.

More Definitions of Custodial Assets

Custodial Assets means, collectively, the (i) Bonds, Securities and Loans delivered to the Custodian by the Company pursuant to the terms of this Agreement for credit to the Custodial Account, and (ii) all Proceeds thereof received by the Custodian and any Eligible Investments related thereto, including any dividends in kind (e.g., non-cash dividends).
Custodial Assets means all Debt Investments which are in the form of securities and Eligible Investments and in each case any sums received in respect thereof, which are held from time to time by the Custodian (or any duly authorised Sub-Custodian) pursuant to the terms of the Agency Agreement.
Custodial Assets means the cash (on hand or held in bank accounts or money market funds pursuant to or in connection with a Corporate Trust Agreement), funds (including securities repurchase agreements, time deposits and other deposits and other investments in which funds might be invested on a short-term basis), mortgages (together with mortgage collateral), guarantees, tangible and intangible assets, receivables, securities, instruments, UCC financing statements, letters of credit and other property of any type or description (including insurance policies covering principal, premium and interest payments and indemnification in respect of lost, stolen or mutilated securities, property held as collateral or security and letters of credit, notes of obligors, bond insurance policies, securities, derivatives, guaranteed investment contracts, and other credit enhancement documents) held by JPM or any of its Subsidiaries as agent or fiduciary pursuant to a Corporate Trust Agreement except the following: (A) cash subject to escheatment as of the Closing Date relating to the Corporate Trust Business; and (B) cash to the extent relating to the Corporate Trust Business covering outstanding checks for registered and bearer principal and interest on accounts administered by JPM or any of its Subsidiaries issued less than six months prior to the Closing.
Custodial Assets means Client Digital Assets and cash held by Custodian in a Custodial Account on behalf of a Custodian PEATS Customer.
Custodial Assets means those assets under the stewardship and custody of a Custodian pursuant to a Custodial Agreement with a Customer, and which may be securities, cash, property or other assets.
Custodial Assets has the meaning given such term in the definition ofAvailable Loan Amount.