Custodial Account definition

Custodial Account. The separate account or accounts created and maintained pursuant to Section 4.04.
Custodial Account. The custodial account or accounts created and maintained pursuant to Section 3.07 in the name of a depository institution, as custodian for the holders of the Certificates, for the holders of certain other interests in mortgage loans serviced or sold by the Master Servicer and for the Master Servicer, into which the amounts set forth in Section 3.07 shall be deposited directly. Any such account or accounts shall be an Eligible Account.
Custodial Account. The separate trust account created and maintained pursuant to Subsection 2.04 of the Interim Servicing Agreement (with respect to each Mortgage Loan, as specified therein).

Examples of Custodial Account in a sentence

  • The related Non-Controlling Note Holder shall be solely responsible for reimbursing the Trustee’s or the Controlling Note Holder’s, as applicable, costs and expenses, if not paid within a reasonable time by the terminated special servicer and, in the case of the Trustee, that would otherwise be reimbursed to the Trustee from amounts on deposit in the Collection Account or Loan Combination Custodial Account.

  • I acknowledge receipt of a copy of the custodial account document under which this 403(b)(7) Group Custodial Account is established, and a copy of this Participation Agreement.

  • The Administrator shall (i) withdraw the aggregate fee amount from the Custodial Account prior to distributions to the related Holders, (ii) retain its portion of the fee for the Administrator’s own account and (iii) remit the remaining portion of the fee to the Guarantor as the guarantee fee.

  • I hereby agree to participate in the 403(b)(7) Group Custodial Account offered by the Custodian.

  • With respect to each PC Pool, the Administrator, on behalf of the Trustee, shall withdraw from the Custodial Account and shall distribute to each related Holder its pro rata share of interest collections with respect to the Mortgages included in such PC Pool, at a rate equal to the PC Coupon (excluding, if applicable, each Holder’s pro rata share of any Deferred Interest that has been added to the principal balance of the related Mortgages).

More Definitions of Custodial Account

Custodial Account means an account (other than an Insurance Contract or Annuity Contract) for the benefit of another person that holds any financial instrument or contract held for investment (including, but not limited to, a share or stock in a corporation, a note, bond, debenture, or other evidence of indebtedness, a currency or commodity transaction, a credit default swap, a swap based upon a nonfinancial index, a notional principal contract, an Insurance Contract or Annuity Contract, and any option or other derivative instrument).
Custodial Account. Any custodial account (other than an Escrow Account) established and maintained by a Servicer pursuant to a Servicing Agreement.
Custodial Account. As defined in Subsection 11.04.
Custodial Account. The account or accounts created and maintained by the Servicer pursuant to Section 3.02(b) of the Servicing Agreement, in which the Servicer shall deposit or cause to be deposited certain amounts in respect of the Mortgage Loans.
Custodial Account. Any custodial account (other than an Escrow Account) established and maintained by the Servicer pursuant to the Servicing Agreement.
Custodial Account. Each separate demand account or accounts created and maintained pursuant to Section 4.04 which shall be entitled "[_____________________], in trust for the [Purchaser], Owner of Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans" and shall be established in an Eligible Account, in the name of the Person that is the "Purchaser" with respect to the related Mortgage Loans.
Custodial Account means the Individual Retirement Account established using the terms of this Agreement. The Custodial Account may be a Traditional Individual Retirement Account or a Roth Individual Retirement Account, as specified by the Depositor. See Section 24.