Definition of Pool Assets

Pool Assets means each Pool Receivable and the Related Security with respect thereto;

Examples of Pool Assets in a sentence

Each Custodial Agreement shall contain an acknowledgment by the Custodian that all Mortgage Pool Assets, Mortgage Files, and other documents and property held by it at any time are held by it for the benefit of the Trust.
Specifically, such reports (A) are prepared in accordance with timeframes and other terms set forth in the transaction agreements; (B) provide information calculated in accordance with the terms specified in the transaction agreements; (C) are filed with the Commission as required by its rules and regulations; and (D) agree with investors' or the indenture trustee's records as to the total unpaid principal balance and number of Pool Assets serviced by the related Servicer.
It is the express intent of the parties hereto that the conveyance of the Mortgage Pool Assets to the Trust by the Company as provided in this Section 2.04 be, and be construed as, an absolute sale of the Mortgage Pool Assets.
It is, further, not the intention of the parties that such conveyance be deemed the grant of a security interest in the Mortgage Pool Assets by the Company to the Trust to secure a debt or other obligation of the Company.
The Company does hereby irrevocably sell, transfer, assign, set over and otherwise convey to the Trust, without recourse, all the Company's right, title and interest in and to the Mortgage Pool Assets.