Credit Services definition

Credit Services means the services described in Section 4.
Credit Services means the services provided by Bank to Cardholders in connection with a Credit Product Program, and all customer service provided by Bank to Cardholders in connection therewith, all as set forth in the applicable Credit Agreement or this Agreement.
Credit Services means the credit monitoring services of at least one year described in Section 5 of this Settlement Agreement.

Examples of Credit Services in a sentence

  • Issued Executive Order No. 29 re “An Order Recognizing Establishments Providing Credit Services as Essential Services During the ECQ”.b.

  • Central Credit Services LLC No. CV 16-cv-05222 (ARR) (RLM), 2017 U.S. Dist.

  • When Transfer Credit Services receives all the transcripts, supporting documents, and required fees, your evaluation request enters a queue.

  • Any change in the constitution of your organisation must be notified to our Head Office Credit Services Department in writing prior to it occurring in order that credit facilities to the reconstituted organisation may be put in place, subject always to our discretion and our confirmation in writing.

  • Notification of EvaluationOnce your evaluation is complete, Transfer Credit Services will notify you that your assessment is completed and tell you where you can access the results.

More Definitions of Credit Services

Credit Services means Account Management Services, Credit Reporting Services, Customer Acquisition Services, Mortgage Credit Services, and Other Ancillary Services provided by Seller as of the date of this Agreement.
Credit Services means credit cards, personal loans, mortgage loans,
Credit Services means (a) all actions, activities and operations of PayPal that enable PayPal Users to make payments to eBay or to eBay Merchants in connection with transactions effected through any service or offering available on an eBay Covered Property that are funded in whole or in part through credit extended through PayPal (including by credit issued by a third Person) and (b) any applicable Related Services.
Credit Services has the meaning specified in Exhibit A and includes Credit Limit Change Request Processing also referred to as CLCR Processing (as defined in Exhibit E-2) and Application Processing also referred to as App Processing (as defined in Exhibit E-3).
Credit Services has the meaning provided in the third recital.
Credit Services means Haverty Credit Services, Inc., a Tennessee corporation.
Credit Services statistical data were as follows: Fiscal Fiscal Fiscal 2000 1999 1998 ------ ------ ------ (dollars in billions) Consumer loans at fiscal year-end: Owned.................................................. $21.9 $21.0 $16.0 Managed................................................ $47.1 $38.0 $32.5 General purpose credit card transaction volume.......... $90.1 $70.6 $58.0 The higher level of managed consumer loans at November 30, 2000 and 1999 was primarily attributable to growth in the Company's Discover Platinum Card.