Covered Project definition

Covered Project means and includes any project which consists of one or more of the following:
Covered Project means a renewable energy project that:
Covered Project means a public work or improvement or part thereof with estimated cost in excess of the Threshold Amount as set forth in Section 6.1 of the San Francisco Administrative Code.

Examples of Covered Project in a sentence

  • If an applicable Master Agreement expires during the term of the Covered Project, the Union(s) agree that there shall be no work disruption of any kind as described in this Article as a result of the expiration of any such agreement(s) having application on the Covered Project and/or failure of the involved parties to that Master Agreement to reach a new contract.

  • The Project Labor Coordinator shall prepare reports detailing the outcomes of the Local Worker, Transitional Worker, and Apprentice utilization goals on each Covered Project, and the implementation and progress of the CCPP.

  • Employees are not required to become or remain Union members or pay Union dues or fees as a condition of performing work on a Covered Project.

  • This Letter of Assent shall become effective and binding upon the undersigned Contractor on the date signed below and shall remain in full force and effect until the completion of the above stated Covered Project.

  • If Metropolitan and the relevant Council mutually agree in writing to establish first tier zip codes within a geographic radius of a Covered Project, the Parties agree to first refer workers domiciled in the first-tier zip codes before referring Local Workers domiciled outside of the first tier zip codes.

More Definitions of Covered Project

Covered Project means a county public works project with project construction costs estimated to equal fifteen million dollars or greater, and such other criteria established by the executive, upon enactment of this ordinance. This threshold of fifteen million dollars may be lowered to five million dollars by December 31, 2020, at the discretion of the executive.
Covered Project means the SPS administered public works project has named herein. The project has been estimated by SPS to cost $5 million dollars or more in construction value (excluding contingency) at time of bid except when a project is exempted. Covered projects are those that are Bid by SPS after the adoption of the SCWA (October 1, 2020) and released for Bid within 5 years of that date unless otherwise exempted.
Covered Project means any project in which an authority enters into an agreement for a development after the effective date of this section, where:
Covered Project means projects that shall be subject to the requirements of this Ordinance.
Covered Project means a Port of Seattle construction project under a PLA with construction
Covered Project means a construction project contracted for by a Public Owner during the term of this Agreement (or earlier, if so indicated by the applicable Public Owner Attachment) and within the coverage provisions of the applicable Public Owner Attachment.
Covered Project or "Covered Projects" means the scope of work designated by the Board as being subject to this Agreement for one of, all of, or a combination thereof of the following proposed construction projects, most of which have not yet been approved for construction by the Board: