County Assessor definition

County Assessor means the Greenville County Assessor, or the person holding any successor office of the County.
County Assessor means the Greenville County Assessor, or the holder of any successor position.
County Assessor s Parcel” means a lot or Parcel with an assigned Assessor’s Parcel Number in the maps used by the County Assessor in the preparation of the tax roll.

Examples of County Assessor in a sentence

  • Assessed values are established by the County Assessor within the prescribed guidelines established by the Oklahoma Tax Commission and the State Equalization Board.

  • The decision maker shall notify the County Assessor that it intends to allow the dwelling.[Adopted 98-002 §3 eff 3/4/98; amd 98-432 §2 eff 10/21/98 (ref.

  • These fiduciary funds include Agency Funds that account for auto license and use tax, emergency management services and the County Assessor, to name a few.The required financial statement for fiduciary funds is a Statement of Fiduciary Assets and Liabilities.Reconciliations between the government-wide financial statements and the governmental fund financial statements follow the governmental fund financial statements.

  • OF PERSONS IN HOUSEHOLD Note: If a dollar amount is not entered for each number of persons, contact the County Assessor for the figures.

  • LICENSEE acknowledges that it has been informed that under Section 107 of the Revenue and Taxation Code of the State of California, the Marin County Assessor is required to place a value on all possessory interests.

More Definitions of County Assessor

County Assessor means the Contra Costa County Assessor.
County Assessor means the de jure or de facto county assessor of each such county, or his successor in functions, if any.
County Assessor means the county assessor(s) in the county or counties in which the requesting school district is located.
County Assessor means the duly elected county assessor. (Ord. 3428 § 12, 2008).
County Assessor means the Boulder County Assessor’s Office.
County Assessor means the county assessor established by Article 16 of Chapter 105 of the General Statutes.
County Assessor means the County Assessor of the County of Alameda.