Configuration Data definition

Configuration Data means data that configures a generic software system to a particular instance of its use;
Configuration Data means the Facility-specific data that is used in conjunction with the Software, including without limitation, tuning and set point constants, graphical, pictorial and text files, that instantiate the Software for the specific Facility environment.
Configuration Data means technical data specific to Customer’s configuration of the Service (such as Endpoint identities) or otherwise collected by the Service or submitted by or on behalf of Customer to the Service. Configuration Data excludes Pipeline Data and Usage Data.

Examples of Configuration Data in a sentence

  • The means to detect modifications and prevent any compromise of the initialization Data and/ or Configuration Data may include supplements of the Security IC Embedded Software.

  • After setting the extended address, set bit 5 of CV 29 (Configuration Data 1) to 1 to enable its usage.

  • Note: Bit 4 (STE) of CV 29 (Configuration Data 1) must be set to 1 for the motor trim scaling factors in CVs 66 and 95 to modify forward and reverse drive voltages.

  • Access to required Government databases (NERP, RMMCO, Submarine Acquisition and Support (SAS), Configuration Data Managers Database – Open Architecture (CDMD-OA)) (applicable to section 4.1.4, 4.1.12 and 4.3.2).

  • Automated configuration management databases: Submarine Acquisition and Support (SAS) and Configuration Data Managers Database-Open Architecture (CDMD-OA) (applicable to sections 4.1.5, 4.1.12 and 4.3.2).

  • CPA Configuration Data Management (CDM) Support: Coordinate and accomplish the processing of all Aircraft Carrier CDMD-OA transactions in accordance with PMS312C Aircraft Carrier Ship Configuration and Logistics Support Information System (SCLSIS) Configuration Data Manager (CDM) Management Plan; and NAVSEA Tech Spec 9090-700 (Series) Ship Configuration and Logistic Support Information System (SCLSIS) Process.

  • Integrate diverse data sources and elements of remote databases such as Navy Data Environment (NDE), Advance Industrial Management (AIM), Regional Maintenance Automated Information System (RMAIS), Organizational Maintenance Management System-Next Generation (OMMS-NG), Open Architecture Retrieval System (OARS), Configuration Data Managers Database – Open Architecture (CDMD-OA), Maintenance Figure of Merit (MFOM), Advance Industrial Management (AIM), Maintenance and Ship Work Planning (M&SWP), etc.

  • Advise the government of potential problems or issues that could have a negative impact on the Aircraft Carrier Configuration Data Management Process.

  • Types of information the assessors might collect include: ⏹ Architecture and Configuration Data.

  • The following list defines the most common single record requests:• Configuration Data (7001)• System State (7503)• Data Storage Status (7052)• 7k System Events (7050)There are many records that can be subscribed to and requested.

More Definitions of Configuration Data

Configuration Data means all data and expressions of data that are transmitted, received or stored within or created by the Solution that enable Devices, computers and Smartcards to function correctly as part of the Solution or that enable applications to be loaded onto Smartcards including system security keys.
Configuration Data means custom events, notices, data collection, workflows, and reports produced by OpenNMS for use with the Software.
Configuration Data means U.S. and/or Canadian new car and light truck (up to 3500 series) specification information in English for the Current Model Year, where available, for use with the Configurator.
Configuration Data means data you enter, or that we enter on your behalf, to configure the Tyler Software, including but not limited to establishing user accounts, customizing screen layouts, and defining custom fields. Configuration Data does not include Case Data or Usage Data.
Configuration Data means a type of data stored in the Salesforce database that acts like Meta-Data for Salesforce applications and can be customized and assigned to transaction types for customizing how the proposed Salesforce function should behave.

Related to Configuration Data

  • Customer Data means any content, materials, data and information that Authorized Users enter into the production system of a Cloud Service or that Customer derives from its use of and stores in the Cloud Service (e.g. Customer-specific reports). Customer Data and its derivatives will not include SAP’s Confidential Information.

  • Embedded Software means any programmable instructions

  • APIs means SAP application programming interface and accompanying or related Documentation, source code, tools, executable applications, libraries, subroutines, widgets and other materials made available by SAP or through SAP tools or SAP Software Development Kit (and all derivative works or modifications thereof) to Provider that allow Provider to integrate the Provider Service with the Cloud Service, including any access code, authentication keys or similar mechanisms to enable access of the APIs.

  • Technical data means recorded information, regardless of the form or method of the recording, of a scientific or technical nature (including computer software documentation). The term does not include computer software or data incidental to contract administration, such as financial and/or management information.