Competitive Process definition

Competitive Process means a formal sealed, electronic, or web-based bid procedure used for all nonclaims related purchases for goods and services over fifty thousand dollars. For purchases between five thousand dollars and fifty thousand dollars, competitive process means quotations obtained from at least three vendors by telephone or written quotations, or both, and supported by evidence of competition. Purchases up to five thousand dollars are exempt from competitive bids providing procurement is based on obtaining maximum quality at minimum cost.
Competitive Process means a documented procurement process pro- viding an equal and open opportunity to qualified parties and culmi- nating in a selection based on criteria which may include such factors as the consultant's fees or costs, ability, capacity, experience, rep- utation, responsiveness to time limitations, responsiveness to solici- tation requirements, quality of previous performance, and compliance with statutes and rules relating to contracts or services.
Competitive Process means either an Open Competition or an Invitational Competition;

Examples of Competitive Process in a sentence

  • Procurement of all Subcontractors must be carried out in a fair, open and transparent manner, using a Competitive Process.

  • In the case of a Competitive Process, a Bidder must request and receive a debriefing prior to submitting a formal protest.

  • Contract amendments must not be used to expand a Contract beyond what was contemplated under the terms of the Contract and the original Solicitation Document, or to circumvent the need to procure additional Deliverables through a Competitive Process in accordance with this Policy.

  • In the case of a Competitive Process where the Solicitation Document does not provide for negotiation of the Contract with the selected Bidder(s), the selected Bidder must enter into the form of Contract included in the Solicitation Document.

  • For Contracts that were not subject to a Competitive Process (i.e. Sole Source), the Contract Amendment cannot result in a Total Contract Cost that exceeds $75,000 (excl taxes).

More Definitions of Competitive Process

Competitive Process means Open Competitions, Invitational Competitions and Limited Competitions.
Competitive Process means the solicitation of bids from multiple suppliers.
Competitive Process means any public or private auction or other competitive sale process conducted and run in accordance with the advice of a reputable, independent and internationally recognised investment bank, firm of accountants or third party professional firm which is regularly engaged in such sale processes with a view to obtaining a fair market price in the prevailing market conditions (without any obligation to postpone to obtain a higher price) and in which the Second Lien Creditors and High Yield Creditors are entitled to participate (and for the avoidance of doubt, in which the Senior Secured Creditors are also entitled to participate) as prospective buyers and/or financiers (including as part of a consortium). For the purposes of this definition, “entitled to participate” shall be interpreted to mean:
Competitive Process means a call for alternative proposals, a closed tender, a public tender or a public auction;
Competitive Process means the process approved by the Council to determine the most cost- effective privatization technique.
Competitive Process means a call for alternative proposals, closed/selective/targeted group tender, or a public tender.