Valuable Consideration Sample Clauses

Valuable Consideration. 2.1 [Benefits to be provided to be specified here.]1
Valuable Consideration. The Seller declares that this power of attorney of the Buyer is given for valuable consideration and is irrevocable from the date of this power of attorney until the Shares are registered in the name of the Buyer.
Valuable Consideration. In exchange for entering into this Agreement and in consideration of his obligations hereunder:
Valuable Consideration a. If Executive signs this Agreement, and provided that Executive does not breach this Agreement, the Company shall provide the following benefits to Executive:
Valuable Consideration. Owner is entering into this Agreement in consideration for, and as an inducement to his execution of the Purchase Agreement and the consummation of the transactions contemplated thereby and the commitment of the Parent Company to perform its obligations undertaken therein, which Owner acknowledges is adequate, valid and legal consideration for his execution of this Agreement.
Valuable Consideration. The Company shall provide Executive with the retention benefit set forth in Paragraph 1(a) (the “Separation Benefits”). Executive acknowledges and agrees that the Separation Benefits constitute adequate legal consideration for the promises and representations made by Executive in this Agreement. Executive’s receipt of the Separation Benefits is contingent upon Executive complying with the following conditions: (i) this Agreement must become effective, as set forth in Paragraph 5 below and (ii) Executive must continue to abide by the surviving provisions of the Proprietary Rights Agreement described in Paragraph 4(f) below, except for any provisions of the Proprietary Rights Agreement which conflict with this Agreement (the “Conflicting Provisions”), in which case this Agreement will govern. For clarification, Section 13 (“Covenant Not to Compete or Solicit”) of the Proprietary Rights Agreement is a Conflicting Provision, and Paragraph 14 of this Agreement shall therefore govern.
Valuable Consideration. The parties hereby acknowledge that:
Valuable Consideration. 6.1. The Intermediary will receive Valuable Consideration in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Profmed Commission Schedule.
Valuable Consideration. 2.1. Any unvested Equity Awards will vest as of the Separation Date in accordance with the terms for a termination by the Company without Cause; provided, however, that any delays in the settlement or payment of such awards that are set forth in the applicable award agreement or the Workiva Inc. Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan, or that are required under § 409A of the Code, will remain in effect. For the avoidance of doubt, (i) Equity Awards which are restricted stock units (other than performance stock units) will vest in full on the Separation Date, and (ii) Equity Awards which are performance stock units will vest at target performance.
Valuable Consideration. EMPLOYEE acknowledges and agrees that the payment and other benefits referenced in paragraphs 1(A-C) of this Agreement are valuable consideration to which EMPLOYEE would not otherwise be entitled upon his employment status change.