Commensurate definition

Commensurate means suitable in amount or quality compared to something else matching in degree.
Commensurate employment means that the applicant is able to engage in some profitable employment or enterprise in the state of New Mexico, which approximates to a substantial degree the applicant’s pre-injury compensation but is not necessarily equal to the applicant’s pre-injury employment.
Commensurate means a proportionate amount of time in service as a law enforcement officer on a year for year basis not to exceed four years. (Ord. 1992-126. Passed 10-15-92.)

Examples of Commensurate in a sentence

  • Commensurate with the level of human activity in the region, establish a risk-based capability to address hazards in the Arctic environment.

  • Commensurate with CCHP’s coverage determination for emergency services, the Plan will consider whether you would believe that services were immediately required.

  • Professionals shall keep such insurance in force during the course of this Agreement for a period of not less than two (2) years after the date of completion.United States:Minimum Required Limit: Limits Commensurate with risksNOTE: The Architect and all other professionals must carry E&O.The policy must cover negligent errors or omissions during performance of professional services and include attorney fees.

  • Commensurate with patent or PVP application or issued patent or PVP certificate, the awardee organization must submit a copy of the portion of the patent or PVP application that contains the “Government Support Clause,” offering proof of formal acknowledgment of Government support of the underlying invention.

  • Commensurate risks in the form of fluctuations in value are taken into account.

  • Commensurate with HCCN’s belief that faculty are facilitators of learning, continual monitoring of student progression is maintained to facilitate all students’ learning, including identifying students at risk for learning difficulties.

  • Commensurate with our intended Operating Plan, as presented in Exhibit 15(b)2, DDH Fund, LP has acquired most of these properties at a lower-than-fair-market-value.

  • Commensurate with our intended Operating Plan, as presented in Exhibit 15(b)2, DHI Fund, LP has acquired most of these properties at a lower-than-fair-market-value.

  • Commensurate time will be given by these officials for successful implementation and monitoring of various E&S related activities.

  • Commensurate with California Law, Alliance Board members who directly represent, are employed by, or act as consultants to organizations or agencies having business before the Board shall not vote on any matter or issue regarding said organization or agency.

More Definitions of Commensurate

Commensurate means “equal in measure or extent: COEXTENSIVE * * * corresponding in size, extent, amount, or degree: PROPORTIONATE.” WEBSTER’S THIRD NEW INT’L DICTIONARY at 456 (2d ed 2002). The pertinent meaning ofpublic good” is the advancement of the interest of the people. Id. at 1836, 978, respectively (defining “public as “of, relating to, or affecting the people as an organized community” and “good” as “advancement of interest or happiness”). Hence, the context provided by section 4(1) of Ballot Measure 5 suggests that the people understood that the Lottery’s constitutional duty to operate as a “revenue-raising agency” did not mean that the Lottery would be required to maximize revenue to the exclusion of any other considerations. Rather, in making an operational decision, the State Lottery’s duty to maximize net revenues would be moderated by a proportionate consideration of the impact of that decision on the welfare of the people of Oregon as a whole. For example, a State Lottery marketing campaign that targets adults with developmental disabilities or early- stage dementia might maximize lottery revenues but would not be commensurate with the public good. On the other hand, when making such operational decisions the Commission’s consideration of the public good also must be coextensive with its statutory duty to maximize net revenues. The Commission can neither let its assessment of the impact of lottery games on the welfare of the community at large outweigh its commitment to maximize net revenues to fund the public purposes explicitly identified by the people, nor let its commitment to maximizing revenue outweigh its commitment to the public good.
Commensurate means here that the return on an investment in knowledge acquisition of this type is
Commensurate means, with respect to the comparison of various programs or services, those programs or services which will enable the applicant or client to, as applicable:
Commensurate employment means that the applicant is able to engage in some profitable
Commensurate means corresponding in size, amount, degree; or proportion.

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