State lottery definition

State lottery means the Montana state lottery and sports wagering agency created and
State lottery means the Punjab State Lottery organized, conducted or run by the State Government both paper lottery and On-Line Lottery which is envisaged to offer lottery games played through a network of terminals, with the terminals connected to a main data centre at a Central Computer Server ;
State lottery means a state lottery authorized by the general assembly pursuant to Article XI, Section 5 of the Constitution of Tennessee, and operated either directly by the state or by any entity acting for the state. "State lottery" shall not include any event conducted by an organization exempt from federal taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and approved by the general assembly pursuant to Article XI, Section 5 of the Constitution of Tennessee.

Examples of State lottery in a sentence

  • If the prize(s) has not been claimed by the Unclaimed prize draw time and date and subject to any written directions from a State lottery agency, the Promoter may conduct an Unclaimed prize draw in accordance with the Unclaimed prize draw section of the Schedule (if applicable).

  • Official California State lottery games and machines are allowed.

  • Every community college district receives the same amount of State lottery funds on a per-student basis (which is generally less than 3%), although lottery funds are not categorical funds as they are not for particular programs or students.

  • Funding is provided from the sale of licenses and permits; watercraft registration fees; federal excise taxes on firearms, fishing equipment, boats, and other sporting goods; State lottery revenues; donations on State income tax forms; and various contracts and grants.

  • To maximize revenues from the State lottery and minimize illegal organized gambling.

  • State lottery funds will be used to repay the debt, although University revenues are pledged if lottery funds prove to be insufficient.

  • Buying a lottery ticket at an au- thorized State lottery outlet for a lot- tery authorized by State law and con- ducted by an agency of a State within that State.

  • The CLC may reject any Vendor that is or has been (i) in default of any prior contract with the CLC, any state agency, any political subdivision of the State of Connecticut, or any other State lottery, or (ii) whose principals or key employees have been convicted of a crime, including but not limited to fraud or misrepresentation in the procurement or performance of a contract.

  • All net revenues from the State lottery are statutorily earmarked for school aid.

  • The fall of the Russian-Belarusian trade in 2013 was caused by the incorporation of the Russian Federation in the WTO: it turned out that under the new circumstances, the majority of the Belarusian companies were not able to compete with the businesses of the EU and China.

More Definitions of State lottery

State lottery means the Montana state lottery and sports wagering agency created and operated pursuant to this chapter.
State lottery means the lotteries organized, conducted or promoted by the State Government.
State lottery means a lottery promoted and conducted by the Board.
State lottery means a lottery promoted and conducted in terms of this Part;
State lottery means the lottery established and operated pursuant to this chapter;

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