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CMHSP means a community mental health services program as that term is defined in section 100a of the mental health code, 1974 PA 258, MCL 330.1100a.
CMHSP means a community mental health services program
CMHSP means a community mental health services program as that term is

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For example, MDHHS and the Court of Claims tend to consider the county and CMHSP relationships to be less than arm’s length under certain circumstances, whereas the county circuit courts have not.

We will ask our medical staff to hold on scheduling any vaccinations or other coordination activities with public health in the meantime; although our staff can perform these activities under their license/scope of practice, we simply don’t have basic liability protections under the law as a CMHSP for administering the vaccine until we have an agreement to do so under the aegis of Bay County Public Health.

However, the documents also include some compartmentalized provisions that seem to misunderstand the statutory role of the Bay‐Arenac Behavioral Health Community Mental Health Services Program (CMHSP) as a parallel health care instrument of county government.

For covered health care providers, the NPI must be submitted to CMHSP as it is a required field for billing.

If any action is filed, it shall be in the court for the county of the primary administrative location of CMHSP or if in Federal Court, it shall be in the Southern Division of the Western District.

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CMHSP means Community Mental Health Service Program.