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The addition of CDDP did not affect the tolerable dose of single- agent TMZ (200 mg/m2/day × 5 days), nor did it substan- tially alter the pharmacokinetic behavior of TMZ.

Likewise, TMZ AUCœ and clearance were unaffected by CDDP administration, with no significantchange from day 1 to day 2.

Following dialysis, the crude product was concentrated and stored as a 3.5 mg/mL solution, and the degree of CDDP substitution was determined on aNIH-PA Author ManuscriptXie et al.

Compared to conventional CDDP i.v. infusion, the HA-Pt lung instillation group had not only higher Pt accumulations in the lung tissues and the draining lung surrounding nodes but also demonstrated a sustained release plasma profile with a reduced peak plasma concentration.

In this study, TMZ was combined with cisplatin (CDDP), because both agents have single-agent activity against melanoma and other tu- mor types.

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CDDP means "community developmental disability program". A CDDP is the entity that is responsible for plan authorization, delivery, and monitoring of services for individuals who are not enrolled in a Brokerage. A CDDP operates in a specific geographic service area of the state under a contract with the Department, LMHA, or other entity as contracted by the Department.